Saturday Questions #7

Let’s talk about stress, baby. 

That’s how that song goes, right? 

Today’s prompt asks me to write down one thing that I’m stressed about. It’s been one freaking long week so I have many things I’m stressed about right now.

I’m stressed about my cousin. I’m stressed about an email I sent Thursday night. I’m stressed about having to go to church tomorrow and hold it all together and not just break into a puddle of tears on the floor because of those first two things (because if I’m being honest, I’ve been a puddle of tears all fricking week and I’m so exhausted from it all – literally tearing up as I write this). I’m stressed about going to work today and having to be happy and hold it all together. The kids know about some things because they heard me talking to their mom so they are being super great when I get a little emotional or misty-eyed.

Probably the best thing to be stressed about is how I’m going to fit a run in tonight while watching the hockey game! I go running at 7, the game starts at 7 – what’s a girl to do?! I like running after dark but I might push it a little early. Or during an intermission? I’ll figure it out. I need to run more than I need to see the puck drop in the first. The run is more important.

If you want to play along or just see what Saturday Questions is all about, go here

4 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #7

    • Haha! I was stressed while running because I didn’t want to miss the start of the hockey game but I got back, had a shower, opened the website and the national anthems were JUST starting! It was perfect timing


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