My Brother Made Jam

Tonight, my brother made some jam. He’s actually still working on it. You probably don’t care, but I’m going to share anyways. Sharing is caring. 

As I’m sure you are all aware, I’ve had a rough week. When I get overwhelmed by emotions like this there are a few things that I can do to get myself out of it. Usually, it’s just one thing going on at a time, but this week I’ve had a few so I’ve had to deal in a variety of ways. Crying, wallowing, lingering a little longer to inhale a cloud of second-hand smoke, doing my nails – ya know, coping mechanisms.

This weekend was my wallowing weekend. If you’ve watched Gilmore Girls, you should get that reference. And following Lorelai’s advice, this is what I do during my wallowing weekends:

ice cream life GIF

Although this weekend it was a little bit of candy, lots of chips, I’m in my pj’s now but I definitely went for a run earlier. And hockey. OMG hockey! Now that I can watch it on my laptop, I’m in heaven. But, it’s bringing out the sore loser in me when it comes to my team.

After my run, I showered, got into my brand new, never worn before, fuzzy pink pjs with sheep on them, and turned on the Leaf’s game. Thankfully, I timed it just right, and pushed myself to run a little bit more than normal, and got all that done before the first face off. I was impressed. For those of you who have my Instagram, you can check out my awesome new jammies.

But I’m in my wallowing mood, so I was a little mean in my own personal commentary on the game. Thankfully, my brother was at home making jam (he just bought a new juicer and he’s turning into a hipster and I’ve already made fun of him so let’s just drop it, ok?) He’s not a Leaf’s fan but his house is right beside the field that surrounds the home of the Ottawa Senators who were playing Montreal so I let him know.

Please enjoy the following conversation that was spread over three hours as we each watched a different game. Also, please note I have taken out some of my more angry comments because hockey does angry things to me and I’m not the same person I usually am. It helped to change my mood but I’m not proud of some of the things I typed.


oopsie! Edited too much here – he said NO!


Of course, growing up in a house where I was the only one who actually liked hockey, I am used to this sort of abuse from my family members. Le Brother has gotten into hockey a little bit more over the years, and like he said, he lives literally 1km from the home of the Ottawa Senators. I drive past it every time I visit him at his new house.

But that doesn’t mean he’s the only one to get in on the “mocking the Leaf’s fun”. My dad has an unnatural gift for it as well, as seen from this text message from last week’s game:


My family, ladies and gentlemen…

And with that, my wallowing time is over! Bring on a new week and a new attitude!

Ps: Thanks to all you lovely people who expressed concern over my cousin, and to the extra special ones who have helped to keep my mind occupied on the non-sucky things this past week. I love you all! xoxo 

8 thoughts on “My Brother Made Jam

      • True, my nearest team is the Amerks but my nearest Canadian team is the Leafs! I feel your pain!
        I never really chose a ‘big’ team to follow. I used to love watching Peter Forsberg play and I’d want whoever he was playing for at the time to win.

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        • I lost my zeal for hockey in my mid-twenties but I’m glad to have discovered it again! I love watching the game, but don’t really have ties to any one team. I cheer for the leafs though at all times. They are my home team so I love them. Other than that I can cheer for almost anyone just not Detroit or Montreal. They can all jump off a bridge 😉

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  1. I have been to an ice hockey game once. They do have it as a sport in Australia, but it is very small (naturally). No where near as violent as what I’ve seen of ice hockey in Canada and the US.

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