Hump Day

I hate this week. Is it over yet? 

It seems like everything good in my life is falling apart. Thor kind of sums it up:

Image result for I've got it under control, is that why everything is on fire

Everything is on fire, and then I get half a sassy comment in and get tackled by two jacked up guys just to add to the fact that everything is on fire.



I hate this.

I haven’t slept in two days.

I can’t wait for Friday when I have a threading appointment – there is something very therapeutic in the pain. And then I’m going curl up on my couch under a blanket and if I’m being totally honest, I’ll probably just cry the whole day. But that can be therapeutic too. Maybe then I’ll be able to get some sleep.


28 thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. This last almost-two-weeks has been enormous for me, and is in the crap end of it right now–first serious good times at an event that was superhelpful to me in many ways, now dire illness and family stress, could use money desperately, whatever. Good luck to you and I hope it works out well for you. I would not be a waxing fan, and sort of fell out of the tattoo habit, so will have to do without asskicking by tiny strings or other items, myself–I burn candles and that helps.


  2. I hope the crappy week ends soon. Mine is pretty sucky, too, but that’s not unusual for me… but it is for you! Hugs. ♥ And throwing Chris Hemsworth into it is a way to brighten things. Maybe I’ll go stare at him for a while…


  3. Oh, no. And following on from a wonderful week. (((hugs))). Having a similar week here, but I’m on Thursday already so my week is getting closer to the end (actually, my week won’t get better until a few days into next week. But at least I know it should get better =)

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  4. I’m sorry you’re having a crummy week. But hopefully it will get better! And getting something done for yourself – even if painful. Brow waxing sucks but I love it – is good for you!

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    • So true!! I love getting tattoos! I told my dad after 3 I’d stop and I have 5 and I’m planning another haha! The threading this morning was therapeutic- the lady who does it had a venting session about her life then I had one on mine and I think we started our days off just getting all that negativity out of our systems haha it was good times

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      • I thought I’d only get one, too. When I was 29, I got a small one on my wrist in an “OMG, I’m old” moment! Now I have made that wrist tattoo into a bracelet of sorts and have three others. I am planning on a new one of a brain that showcases the right brain/left brain thing. (One half in watercolor for creativity and the other half with the chemical formula for seratonin.) I also want some with music, superheroes, and children’s book characters.

        Good! I’m glad you were able to let out some steam.

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