You’re My Person

Do you have a person? 

I have lots of people.

I have a person who I talk to about the guy I’m currently seeing. I have a person who gets to mock that guy when he is no longer the current guy. I have someone I go to for work advice, someone who will let me be angry and miserable, someone who will pump me up when I need some extra cupcakes and rainbows in my life (it happens, folks!).

I have people to take shopping with me when I need restraint, people to come when I want them to talk me into buying things when I’m being wishy-washy. People who will be brutally honest, and people who will sugar coat things. People to challenge my opinions and people who will just agree with me. I even have a “bad life choices” person who I make bad life choices with.

I have people I talk to all the time and they know everything (minus about 2%), people I hardly talk to but they know the deep secrets. I even have a person, who relatively new to my life, makes me feel super comfortable in our conversations and they get let in on that 2% that I don’t share with anyone else.

How about you? Do you have people? Or do you just have one person?

23 thoughts on “You’re My Person

  1. We all wear different hats for different people. My coworkers know me as work Gretchen. My family and close friends know me as home Marie. They can be two very separate people, depending on my mood. and who I allow in. I think it’s okay for different people to serve different roles.

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  2. I have a 98%, person, well…that I tell the other 2% to also. So he’s pretty much 100%. who is an old college friend. He’s married so I don’t see him
    Often but when I do, I’m talking yearrrrr long breaks—I don’t have to hide or hold anything back. I trust him, no doubt. I’ve recently met up with him out of the blue and we met for beer and counseling sessions. We’ll see if his wife lets him hang again, I have to respect that bc it could be a little hairy. He owes his allegiance to his wife. It’s Nothing other than friendship, but I still don’t think she’s 100% okay with him being friends with me. At least not having meet up, drink talking sessions, often. It may dig at her, and I have to take my place as the friend. He has helped me learn about myself a lot and I trust him. It’s gone no further. And I’d like it to stay that way. With his wife’s approval. I told him when we recently met up that I miss his friendship but I understood why we had to take a break from being friends, That he had to build trust with his wife and choose her first. He says he’s been married 18 years, it should be long enough for her to be okay. I’ll be bummed if we can’t maintain some
    Sort of friendship, but I’ll
    Have to understand.

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  3. I have a blog ? Lol!! Yea I guess I do have my person I can trust with my relationship dramas. I have a person I can go to when I need to celebrate an accomplishment without feeling like I have an ego… you know that super down to earth always happy for you person? I have a “cake talk” person. I have a “deep talk about the universe and the mysteries of the ocean and the afterlife and conspiracies and evolution” person. (Not many people are OK with talking about the unknown lol) and Then I have my “writing talk” people. Yea- I guess I have more people than I really thought! Love this post

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