Soup Season

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I seriously love fall, guys. Like it’s the best! Cooler weather is my favourite! It means skinny jeans and little ankle booties and layers of sweaters – basically my inner basic white chick comes out and shines in all her glory. Except for the pumpkin spice!! Good Lord keep that away from me!

But, just like my image says, I love making soup! YUM!

Today, being my day off, I am at home for most of it and I’ve already got the soup pot on the stove and simmering away. Homemade chicken broth which will turn into soup and just some broth for the freezer for future soups!

Happy fall, lovelies! Hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am!


9 thoughts on “Soup Season

  1. Not a soup fan. Although I love pumpkin soup (no pumpkin spice though – what is that? Is it savoury cause that’s what my soup is), and sweet potato and peanut butter soup. ‘Cept we are mid-way through spring so our soup weather is almost at an end.

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