Warm Fuzzies Part 4

At last! I have reached my goal! 

If you remember from my first post about this allll the way back in February, I decided to make blankets for my kidlets for Christmas. They are just little lapghans but I knew it would take me a long time to complete all four so I started early.

First, I did one for 4th – she’s going to be 9 in a few weeks and she is the reason this all started. Then I did one for 1st, who will be 14 in a month. Then 2nd, who is 12, and finally, I did 3rd’s. He just turned 11.

3rd’s was the hardest to decide what to do. His favourite colour is yellow, but I didn’t want to make anything too feminine for him. I wanted it to be something that he would actually like and use. I finally settled on a soccer ball design. He plays soccer and loves soccer. I had never created a hexagon shape before using crochet, but I had never done any of the other designs for crochet either so that didn’t stop me.

I used a picture from Pinterest as inspiration, but I can’t read the design at all because I am a youtube-taught crocheter.


So I just used this youtube video to make a basic hexagon (which I now know is exactly the same as what the picture above says to do):

It even gives you instructions on how to attach the hexagons after you are done!


So I started off with one hexagon, measured it, and decided that I would need 90 of them to get my blanket finished. 30 black and 60 in white. This didn’t take me very long at all. Each hexagon took about 10-15 minutes to complete depending on how many people I was texting while doing it. I just put on Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and looped away!


Then I started to join them together.


After attaching 8 rows out of the 10 that I had planned to do, it was the Thanksgiving weekend. I took it home to work on it at my parent’s house and to get my mom’s advice. I knew I would have to do more rows, and she suggested turning the blanket and working from a different side. So that’s what I did.

I only had to make 6 additional hexagons (2 black and 4 white) and by Friday evening I was finished!!


Now all that is left to do is to wash it up and attach one of the labels that I have ordered for my knitting and crochet stuff!

Speaking of which; they arrived on Thursday!


Now they do say my whole first name, but ya’ll know you don’t get that information. But I’ll be sewing one onto each of the blankets I made, and then to all the rest of my future projects. I do have 200 labels so I should get busy!

That being said, I’ll start to upload more of my projects here as I go. I’ve created a Warm Fuzzies category, so they will all be collected there.

14 thoughts on “Warm Fuzzies Part 4

    • Haha! It was the smallest quantity I could order from the supplier I chose. It was a great price and they are great quality as well. They’ll last for years! Haha although I am onto my next project. It’ll be up when it’s done

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    • I wish it was longer, but it is about the same size as the other three that I made. But I can’t focus on the “I wish” – I’m already onto my next project and it’s about 75% done in the last week and I’m in love!! I know the recipient is going to LOVE it! Well, they better or I’ll slap them haha. Not really. But I’ll tell them I’m doing it in my head.

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