Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s the end of a long weekend, and there is still lots to do! 

I’m not a big fan of Thanksgiving. It’s food that I’m not really into, family members asking the same questions over and over (hows work? are you seeing anyone? when are you settling down and having your own kids?) and the weather is usually gross. But this weekend it was great.

I picked up my rental car from my new favourite location. The guys there are hilarious and I go out of my way to rent from them. The one even snapped a picture of my nails for his girlfriend. I gave him the name of the Amazon seller I use for my nail supplies. He said he had bought his girl a lightbox but it started smoking when her hand was in it. I had to help her out!

Time at home was great. I left my laptop in Toronto and it was a good idea. I had time to catch up with my parents and brother, although we talk so much it’s not really catching up. I got to actually watch a Leaf’s game on TV, which I never get to do! I tried to watch a second one but my parents didn’t get the channel. I told my dad his tv was stupid because the channel that played hockey Saturday night decided to air something else Sunday evening (how dare they!) and he went and changed his cable package – apparently over Christmas he doesn’t want me to miss any hockey games hehe.

I spent most of the day out with my brother on Saturday. We drove an hour away so I could pick up pies for Thanksgiving dinner, and then toured around. We ended up in Justin Beiber’s hometown, which is the closest “big-ish small city” close to where my parents live. I got some new running shoes which are the brightest fluorescent orangey pink ever and I LOVE THEM! I used to run a little bit, like once and then never again for a few months. And now I’m in an “I want to run” phase. So maybe it will last longer than a week since I have awesome shoes now.

We also went to an antique shop and they had an actual CCCP jersey!! Like a fan one, but an actual CCCP jersey!! It wasn’t Tretiak’s and it was $75!!! I picked it up and walked around with it for a few steps until my brother saw me and was like “IT’S $75!!!” And I put it back. But if it was Tretiak’s, I don’t care how much it costs, it would have come home with me.

Sunday was full of driving and picture taking. And pulling over to the side of the road and getting out and taking pictures. And driving down dirt roads, and literally standing in the middle of the road to get a picture of the rolling hills and colours. It was fun times! And my life was never in danger once. I promise.

Then, of course, Thanksgiving dinner with the famjam.

I left super early this morning to make my way back to the city. I got home at lunch and have done a whole heck of a lot since I got back. I’m glad to be back into civilization but I’m also glad for the break to the fresh clean country air.

Happy Thanksgiving to you folks! Much love!


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