Long Weekend Madness

Giggling Fattie is having a little holiday! 

Sup, Peeps and Meeps?

It’s the long weekend here in Canada, and I will be taking a little break. I know I just got back from basically a two-month hiatus over the summer, but this is important! It’s Thanksgiving!!

I know you Americans reading this are probably peanut butter and jealous that I get the full Thanksgiving treatment a whole month before you do, and if I could have my way, I would send every last bit of it down to you! Most specifically the turkey, cranberries, apple and pumpkin pie!

I’m not a big fan of Thanksgiving. Like, don’t get me wrong, I love the long weekend, and seeing Le Brother and dragging him off to some forest so I can have a photo hike and he can have a geocaching hike, and snuggling my adorable puppy, and lovingly tormenting the other pup, but I’m not a big fan of the food.

This year, I told my mom I would bring pies. For two reasons: I’m a grown ass woman and I can help contribute to my family celebrations. And also, I don’t like pumpkin or apple pie. So if I bring the pies, I control the flavour of said pies. GENIUS! Hello, pecan pie and strawberry rhubarb! YUM!!

After my phone-free day last week, I’m making the choice not to bring my laptop with me. I will have my phone, obviously, but when I go to visit my family, I am usually just hanging out in my room on my laptop. So I’m bringing other things to do (blanket work!) and will make an effort to actually be present this weekend. I have a post scheduled for tomorrow, and I’ll be checking emails and stuff, but other than that, see you folks on Monday.

Love you all!

Happy Thanksgiving!



8 thoughts on “Long Weekend Madness

  1. Happy Canadian thanksgiving. Sometimes my birthday falls in (American) thanksgiving. It was on 2017, this year will be the Friday after. Black Friday where everyone sacrifices their 2nd born son to get good deals on prized possessions for Christmas. Oh, the reason for the season. Haha 😆😂😂😂. Enjoy your time off. I’m watching (college) American football. 🏈. It’s a lovely Saturday

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  2. I didn’t know Thanksgiving was celebrated in Canada as well. The food does sound mostly yummy (although I’ve never eaten pumpkin pie so not sure about that one).

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