Dinner Dates

So I went out for dinner on Saturday. 

And I had a great super amazing fantastical awesome sauce time. Hands down the best dinner I’ve been out on in about two months. What is with guys nowadays?! Seriously.

Let me tell you all about the good things first.

He was super excited when he met me at his front door and invited me into his house. We had a bit of time before going for dinner so we just hung out and talked about his interests. He was really cute. Big brown eyes. Adorable.

When we were getting ready to leave, he complimented my new coat and my ankle boots! Saying how nice he thought they were. While walking to the restaurant, he made pleasant conversation, kept it light and fun. He was kind to the wait staff. He asked me how I was enjoying my meal while we were eating, and made sure to ask if I was done before he said he was ready to go. Again, a pleasant conversation on the way back.

A few of the not so good things:

He spilled his drink while we were eating. We went to McDonald’s. He still lives with his parents. His mom paid for our dinner. His mom paid me to be there. He’s three. I was babysitting.

Sorry if you were pulled into that thinking I actually had a date this weekend. Pfft. I’m convinced there are no good datable men left in Toronto. Like the one who I got a message from this morning (well last night but I was just going to bed when it arrived so I didn’t read it until this morning). We started chatting at the middleish of Augustish Those are words, trust me. We totally hit it off, then he disappeared for a week or so. Then he pops up and says he would never just ghost a person. I try to make conversation and he only gives one-word answers as if he has no interest in talking to me but he’s the one who texts me first to get the conversation going again. And then POOF gone again for three weeks and this morning “hi hun it’s been a while” umm well DUH. Boy needs to get his priorities straight.

But Saturday was amazing. Ya’ll remember I was a nanny for a toddler over the summer? Well in the last month that I’ve been back with my regular family he’s turned into a lovely young man. He can put his shoes on all by himself, he can go potty all by himself even poop, he got a haircut and looks all grown up, he literally said (word for word) “Wow – that’s a really nice coat, T!” and the same for my shoes. And while in the stroller walking to our dinner “This is a lovely evening this evening”. I’m sorry, but who said you were allowed to grow up so fast into a little man? Adorable little munchkin!

Speaking of munchkin – he still loves that I call him that. Although, now he rhymes it “hehe munchkin pumpkin” and a few minutes of giggles. Adorable.

He was so excited that I was coming that he was a little bit bananas. But when he spilled his milk at dinner, he didn’t cry. And he was super patient waiting for our food even though it seemed to take forever to get ready. Maybe it just felt like forever cos I had a toddler who didn’t really have lunch and didn’t have a snack after his three-hour nap and kept wanting to leave the stroller in a crowded restaurant. But no tantrums were had. He kept asking how I liked my burger and asked about 10 times if I was done. I’m pretty sure he just wanted to scam all my fries. He had to take 3 bites of his burger and I’d give him 3 fries (he had a burger and apple slices). A pretty great deal because I can never finish all my fries.

After dinner, we got to play some more, he had the treat of skipping bath time, and we read lots of stories before he crawled his little cute behind into bed. But not before asking if I was going to come back the next day. I had to say no, and he was sad, but that’s ok. He said we could play another day.

It was so great to see him again! I miss his adorableness in my life.

15 thoughts on “Dinner Dates

  1. I showed this to a good friend of mine and we both loved the way you wrote this so much! I was convinced that you were talking about a guy so the “plot twist” really took me by surprise lol. This was the perfect entertainment for an evening lecture at uni, thanks😂

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  2. I swear you had me. And then the toddler!!!!! If they’re raised right then they grow up to be the men we need in this world and you’re definitely helping with that!


  3. The bit where you listed the cons and you said his mom paid you to be there I just thought ‘okay, that’s really weird’ so I really laughed when you said he was three. In that case it sounds like an amazing date.

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  4. Ohhh you’re good. I was fooled all the way until you said he was three. Even then I thought you might’ve been missing a word in front of “three” haha. Now I want McDonald’s….

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