A Day Without A Phone

One of my followers, Frede, posted a few days ago that she had a phone free weekend. I thought this was so amazing and that she must have so much self-control to be able to do that! I’ve been wanting to cut back my addiction to my phone a little bit and decided to follow her example for a phone free day. I’m not as amazing as her, I knew I couldn’t make it the whole weekend. 

I decided to do Sunday as my phone free day. I don’t have to work and my only obligations that day were to go to church and keep breathing. I also wanted to do my nails, so having my phone off would be great since I wouldn’t be distracted by messages coming in, making the process twice as long.

I didn’t do much prep for this day away from my phone. I sent a text message to a few key people who I knew would miss me. The most important being my parents, my boss, and my best friend. The BFF offered her thanks for letting her know and then agreed that it was something she should do as well. My parents were a mix of responses. My dad: I’ll believe that when I see it! And my mom: Why?

My brother was the best response: Sweet! LOL

As you can see he was really broken up over the fact that he’d have to go a whole 24 hours without talking to me haha.

The day actually went really well! I use my phone for an alarm but it was off as soon as I was up. I did my regular morning routine and I went to church. I took my phone with me just in case of an emergency but it was off and in a zipped up compartment in my purse. It was nice not to worry the “did I silence my phone? Should I check it again? Was that notification sound I just heard from my phone?!” that I usually worry.

I have two old phones in my office and both of them work so I decided to use the newer of those two to make my video for my nail post. It was going great until Whatsapp decided that it needed to remind me that it wasn’t connected to a valid phone number on that phone. The alert stopped my recording and I was almost all done!! I started up again and after trying and failing to transfer the videos to my computer, I finally managed to upload them directly to YouTube. Except only one uploaded! GAH!!

I did turn on my phone for 45 minutes in the afternoon. I was ordering dinner and using an app to do it. I ordered from the website, but it sends text message updates and alerts for when the food will be ready. As soon as the food came, the phone was off again.

The only time I really missed having my phone was in the evening. I had made a blog post so I knew there would be notifications coming in, so I was checking my email more on my laptop. And I was getting tired and distracted easily – what I usually do is watch Netflix and then scroll through Pinterest at the same time. It was hard to just focus my attention on one thing instead of two. My mind likes to wander.

I did forget to tell the students that I was doing this. One girl came to my room saying she tried to call and was confused as to why I didn’t answer. When I do it again, I’ll have to let them know.

I turned my phone on right before bed and set it to “do not disturb”. I replied to a few text messages and sent a few that I had been sitting on all day. In all honesty, those could have waited until this morning but whatever.

Overall it was a great day of disconnection. I’m honestly going to try to put it into regular practice. Maybe work my way up to using no technology at all for a whole day. But let’s not get too carried away haha.

16 thoughts on “A Day Without A Phone

  1. You have more self control than I do! I have managed to turn off notifications so that pesky little red number isn’t telling me that I have 8 Facebook notifications waiting the second I get rid of the last 15 so I figure that’s a start. I will say that when we go camping in an area with no service, I love it! I’m going to give this a try (sometime, not sure when lol) but I will give it a go!

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  2. I’ve always thought this would be a great idea to do. The downside is having to let everyone else know about it ahead of time. I’ve been meaning to do a post called “A Year without Facebook” but needed more motivation for it, this post nudged me along a little bit lol

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  3. Aww, I’m glad you tried it too! It feels good, doesn’t it? But it is difficult… I really don’t have that much self-control, especially when I’m at home supposed to be working but Instagram is so much more appealing than a legal translation!

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    • Haha! It did feel good! And it was definitely difficult! I’m getting so much better at leaving my phone in my bag at work. My iPhone even lets me sign out of my gmail without unsyncing which is awesome! I just turn it off at work and no distracting notivations come!

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  4. I became really aware that I was using my phone a lot during my maternity leave. On the one hand it was good because I’m connected to a virtual baby group and there’s only so much you can do while you’re sitting breastfeeding, but on the other hand, I’d rather be spending time focusing on Laurie. So I used the Forest app where you spend time phonefree to grow a forest. It was a really good motivator, not least because you can programme it to put messages on your screen when you’re in the middle of a phonefree session to tell you to put the thing down!

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

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    • Oooh that sounds like a great app! I’m glad for the lack of laptop so far. Although I know once my brother arrives I’ll be looking for that way to disconnect and just have some quiet alone time in the evenings. But it’ll be ok! There are other ways to have that without being the only one on a different level of the house haha


  5. I’d have no bother not having my phone. I’m pretty shocking at answering it now (although I am better than I used to be). At home it lives on my office desk, so if I’m not in the room I don’t answer it.

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    • Omg I hate talking on the phone with a passion! Only certain people get me to talk on the phone for more than 5 minutes and it’s usually someone I’ve totally fallen for and just want to hear their voice


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