Nail Art Sunday: Thanksgiving Fun

I am so impressed – like BEYOND. I literally can’t even right now. 

Canadian Thanksgiving is coming up on October 8th and I decided that I needed to do my nails today because I wanted them cute for going home and I won’t have time this week to really sit and focus on them.

But today was also a phone free day for me. I decided that I needed to not have my phone on at all. I use it for an alarm so it woke me up but then I immediately turned it off. I sent messages to the people who would definitely notice my absence (parents and the BFF) yesterday warning them that I wouldn’t be reachable. And I told my boss too.

So then it was a dilemma: do I turn my phone back on to video the nails OR just use my old phone which doesn’t have an activated SIM card. I decided to do the second choice because if I was on my phone, I would be tempted to message some people or check things and I am not getting sucked into my phone today. Seriously, it’s been a great break and I think I might start doing this on the regular.

I had to make two videos because my phone gave an alert which stopped the recording. I finished up with the second video and then tried to upload them. For some reason, they didn’t show up to transfer them to my computer to upload (like I used to do before my iPhone and the Clips app) so I tried to just upload straight to YouTube from my old phone. It said both were transferred but only one shows up on my account! And it’s just the last little bit.

I guess since my nails turned out amazing and I didn’t have any problems getting them to look amazing, there had to be some sort of hiccup in this process. I’ll try to fill you guys in:

Here is the inspiration picture:

Turkey Feathers | Cute Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs for Beginners

It’s awesome because it shows you the steps, so I guess the video isn’t really needed. The brown I have was too dark for the feathers so I mixed it with white to get a better colour, and the orange was too orange for a fall colour so, again, I mixed it with white. I had to do 3 coats of my white just because it’s getting old and watery.

Protip: do the red feathers first. Especially on the finger with the turkey. It will definitely help for spacing the other feathers. Also, use a large dotting tool to do the body of the turkey. It’s easier to control the polish that way instead of using the polish brush.

I did all the red feathers first, then the orange or brown, all before the lightbox. If you do that too, you have to work fast so that the colours don’t smudge or run into each other. It was surprisingly easy.

Here is the end of the process once you get all the feathers and the body of the turkey on. It’s only 6 minutes. You guys miss the story about how I was basically high at church today because it was in the first video, but who needs to hear that story? lol


And here is a picture of my nails since I couldn’t get the camera to focus. My left hand is almost as good! The turkey looks a little cross-eyed because the polish started to run before it went into the lightbox that it still looks super cute!


Now for some news: I’m going to be taking a break from gel polish. This was a great last design because of how detailed it was. But I recognize that a lot of you who watch these videos or look at these posts, don’t have the gel polish kits. So I’m going to be switching to regular polish for all my holiday nails. Probably up until Easter. I’ll be testing out tricks that I find on Pinterest or Youtube, or things that other people have told me “totally work!” Just to see if they do.

If you have any designs that you’d like to see me do with regular polish on my own nails, let me know. Also, if you have an “omg so I heard —–” and you want me to try that out, let me know! I’m totally up for ideas! And I’m definitely excited to show you that you can do these things too! At home, by yourself, with regular polish!

7 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Thanksgiving Fun

    • Hehe!! Thanks!! I’m even in love with my left hand, which generally never happens! I’m so sad that the first video was lost. It showed how to do the feathers and the body. And it had some cute stories from my time babysitting Saturday night and stuff. But that’s ok haha.

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  1. Love the turkey. My Sis-in-law always has really cute nail designs but I’m just hopeless at doing them. I’ll just stick to admiring yours and keeping my nails the one same plain colour.

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