Saturday Questions #4

The view from my window.

My window overlooks the street at the front of the house. Or at least the window that is closest to me. If I look at it, it has these corrugated paper blinds that hang down. There are two full widths of these, and then like a quarter of one that’s been cut to fit the last little bit of the window. But it looks like Edward Scissorhands cut it.

If you pull the blinds back to look out, the first thing you see are trees. There’s a big tree in the front lawn and a full row of trees across the street. Across the street, there is a fence and a sidewalk.

Getting closer to the house, you can see three utility boxes. They’ve started painting these boxes. Two of them were done by the same artist over the course of a few days and are a little creepy to look at. At first, it looks like a sweet riverbed scene with a little boy and animals, but upon closer inspection, you notice there are weird things going on with those animals. They aren’t animals at all – creatures is a better term for it. The other one is a beautiful pondside vegetation arrangement. Lillypads and dragonflies.

Then there’s the road and the sidewalk closest to my house. The large driveway in front where all the cars from the clinic below will park. And a little garden around the big tree off to one side. On the other, the little plum tree that we take fruit from in the summer.

What’s outside your window?

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #4

  1. Outside my window, where I sit at the front of the house, is the edge of a fir tree. When we moved in I insisted that we needed to have some sort of potted plant on either side of the door as the other houses in the row had potted plants outside too and I wanted us to match. A friend had grown some Christmas trees and had two the same height so we adopted them and they stand like sentinels on either side of the door.

    Beyond that is a rather overgrown brambly hedge where blackberries grow and are plundered by the birds. There’s a little stone wall and a gate. On the other side of that is the main road through the estate, a small patch of forest (which once covered all of this area) and then a great big Gothic mansion which some bright soul built in our front garden, hehe.

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

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  2. Outside my window is the stump of a tree that blew down in strong winds, a lemonade tree with fruit ready to pick, a large gum tree and a quiet suburban street.

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