Random Things

Alright, guys, so it’s been almost a whole month and I am just now getting to the end of the note on my phone with blog post ideas. The following is a collection of random things you may, or may not, know about me – depending on how close we are off WordPress. 

I hate steel wool for cleaning. You know those metal loofahs of death used to wash dishes? I’ll never use them. I was told as a small child that the metal could get wrapped around your finger and pull the flesh off right down to the bone and ever since then I won’t use them. My stomach is getting in knots just thinking about it.

Image result for royalty free images steel wool

Stay away from me! 

I love eating frozen peas. If I’m cooking and I need to put in frozen peas, I’ll always just take a few and pop them into my mouth. YUM

When I’m tired, I get super honest. The closer we are, the more honest I’ll be, or the more open and unguarded. It’s not like I’m going to change my whole personality or tell someone else’s secret, but if I’m right on the cusp of sleep, my filters go down and sometimes you’ll get a nugget of truth out of me that I probably wouldn’t share if I was fully awake. It’s like the difference between “oh your new haircut looks awesome!” or “wow did you actually pay for that?” type of thing lol

I hate eating cereal with milk. There are a few types of cereal that I will eat with milk, but overall I’m not a fan. It makes it soggy too quickly and that’s just icky.

Over the summer, I started to love eating like a toddler, little meals and snacking all the time were the best!

Sometimes I think I might be psychic. I’ll think of a song that I hope to listen to next on my iTunes when it’s on shuffle and it actually plays! It’s pretty awesome and I’m going to say I have a superpower.


If someone ever did this on a date, I’d probably marry them. Side note: why hasn’t anyone taken me to Lazer Tag as a date?! Pfft lame.

Once my alarm goes off I can almost never fall back asleep. My brain won’t let me. It’s a curse and a blessing.

If I wake up mid-dream to change sleeping positions, I can sometimes pick the dream back up when I fall back asleep. I know some people say they can control their dreams, but this is as close to it as I can get.

I hate going to the upper level of the bus. Like up the stairs to the very back. I will if I’m going to the last stop, but even then I hate it.

My parents have never met anyone I’ve dated. Pretty sure they think I’ve never had a boyfriend. I keep that part of my life private from them.

I have only ever really been in love once.

People riding bikes on the sidewalks annoy the heck outta me. I know, harsh language for this blog, but still it’s gotta be said! This does not apply to anyone under the age of 10.

Every morning, while eating breakfast and making sure the students get off to school, I spend my time on Pinterest. Usually watching bullet journal/cooking videos. They are so relaxing and don’t need any sound.

So there is it, folks! I’m all done my list of topics and will slowly slip back into random posts about random things. If you have any topics you’d like me to write about, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll make a post for ya.

Do you have any random things about yourself you’d like to share?


19 thoughts on “Random Things

        • You realize that is totally legal behaviour right?

          Just think, for each cyclist on that road, that is one fewer car jamming up the traffic. You should probably thank them. 😉

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            • Oooh yeah, dangerous cyclists or cars both piss me off too.

              I see far fewer cyclists on the sidewalks here in Vancouver (compared to London) so I think you’d be okay on this side of the country! 😀

              I had a driver stop, roll down his window and scream at me for being on a road without a cycle lane recently. It was really scary. I went and looked up the rules, and it turned out I wasn’t doing anything wrong. He just didn’t like sharing the road with me. 😦

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              • My brother cycles a lot and I have all the respect in the world for those people brave enough to ride on the street with cars haha! As long as they aren’t being stupid and weaving in and out of traffic and following all the rules and stuff. But also know that in some parts it’s illegal to ride on the sidewalk so of course they have to be on the road!

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          • Not when it’s a narrow road and no bike lane. Sorry, but I disagree. And I’m a cyclist myself. It’s no skin off my nose, I just pass them when I can. But anyone who does this is asking for an accident, in my opinion. To each their own though.

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            • Maybe.
              I choose my route to work for the widest/safest roads/most cycle lanes. (You didn’t mention narrow roads in your first reply, so I thought you just meant roads in general)

              Having said that it is still dangerous to overtake cyclists on narrow roads. I wouldn’t cycle on them myself, but as a driver, I wouldn’t be a dick to people that have to.

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              • I’m not a dick to them at all. As I stated before, I’m an avid cyclist as well. But I surely do pass them when safe, especially when the speed limit is highe than 35mph. Why not? That said, there are plenty of dicks out there, and assuming there aren’t is mistake number 2, just behind riding on a narrow road during rush hour. Again, just sayin’.


  1. Argh! I think I’d annoy you.

    I ride my bike on the road…apart from about 100m on my way home, where the cars are desperate to turn right, and drive really dangerously. I started going on the sidewalk for that little section after several near misses when people tried to shove me off the road. It’s close to where I got hit by a car earlier in the year, so I don’t want to risk it.

    Having said that, if there are pedestrians, I give way to them, or get off and walk that section.

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  3. Lots in common with your list (but not the steel wool thing – I don’t use it but just ’cause I think it scratches everything – and how mean to tell you that!).

    Random things about me…I love daffodils, hate yoga but go to classes twice a week because it’s good for me (even so I’m terrible at it), I’m allergic to cats but can’t help myself and pat every cat I see (and then can’t see because my eyes swell shut).

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    • Ooo I love yoga! I recently started running and I hate it but kind of love it at the same time? Hehe I’m allergic to cats too but mostly just short haired cats. I will pat the cats and give ear scratches too. I just need to wash my hands after or I get scratchy eyes and a snuffy nose. Nothing too horrible


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