Heads down!

We’re having a timeout – said my grade 2 teacher almost every single day. 

A few days ago, I wrote about my grade 9 and 12 English teacher. It was the same person, don’t even try to add an “s” to the end of the word “teacher” Grammarly.

While he was a great teacher, our relationship wasn’t the greatest. It was full of disdain and sass so I probably didn’t learn as much in his class as I could have.

Today I want to talk about a few of my other teachers. They are all going to be bad memories so don’t continue if you need happy stories today. Just my pain and childhood traumas moving forward.

In grade 2, I had this one teacher who started off the year really nice. She was new to the school and we were her first class. So there is a teacher’s registry and I just looked her up and I think I found her (unless she has gotten married and changed her last name and then it’s the wrong person) and she’s still teaching! Good for her. I’m also on that site, but I’m not “in good standing” because I haven’t paid my fees in about 3 years haha.

Anyways, so this was her first time teaching at this school (and first year teaching if it’s actually her on the website) and when she would get overwhelmed or frustrated, the entire class had to have a timeout. One day, we had three different time-outs. The whole class had to sit with their heads on their desks and the lights would be turned off. Like I’m sure, as a grade 2 class, we probably needed that timeout on a few occasions but sometimes we weren’t even doing anything wrong.

I actually told my mom on her. LOL omg, that looks so silly to type that out, but I totally did. I loved school so when I wasn’t happy about going, my mom knew something was up and I told her I didn’t think it was fair that this was happening. My mom talked to the principal (who was like the nicest guy ever) and he, in turn, talked to the teacher. Going forward, if she needed a break from the chaos of little humans, I think we still did a heads down/lights off thing, or we just had quiet reading time, but it wasn’t given as a punishment for the whole class. It was understood that it was for the teacher, and not because we were all being horrible tiny humans.

Okies, next up! Grade 8 music class. I’m not sure if I’ve written about this teacher before or not. My family moved in grade 8 so I met this teacher in November. I can remember thinking he was really attractive. He was probably my first teacher crush, and my first crush on an older man. Like he was late 20’s so he wasn’t like old, but ya…

As most of you know, my name is unique. Hardly anyone knows how to pronounce it the first time they see it, and he was no exception. But growing up in a small country school, everyone knew my name and no one ever said it wrong. He was the first person that I remember to get it wrong. I corrected him the first day, and the second, and the third. We only had music once every week so it wasn’t often that I had to correct him but it was every single class. By the Christmas holiday, half the class would groan in annoyance and the other half would shout it out correctly.

I had never played an instrument before, but when I started this school, I had to. I chose the flute because my mom had played the flute when I was a baby/toddler and I thought she could help me. I had a hard time picking it up. I didn’t know how to read music like everyone else, which added to my frustration. This teacher started forcing me to come in twice a week after school to get extra help. That annoyed me even more.

Sometime later in the year, we were watching a movie on a musical legend (I think Beethoven but I’m not sure) and the movie was a little graphic for grade 8’s. A few friends and I didn’t like it and we voiced our opinions to the teacher who just dismissed us. The next class, four of us walked out. Two went back in when he came to the hall to see why we walked out of his class, and then myself and a friend had to go to the principal’s office to fill out a report on it. We were given some worksheets and allowed to stay out of the class for the remaining classes with the movie.

I watched the movie again a few years later, and I think I was probably over-reacting but at that point in my life, it was what I needed to do. I was most likely swayed by how upset I was every time he got my name wrong. Which, by the way, continued until the very last day of class.

I had one more story to share but this post is already too long so we’ll just skip it haha.

Do you remember any of your bad teachers?

12 thoughts on “Heads down!

  1. My 1st grade teacher was a nun. I remember one incident when an upperclassman would come by the class selling candy bars for a fund raiser. The nun said ‘would anyone like a candy bar?’. I had no idea about commerce (being 7 at the time) and I raised my hand. I didn’t have any money, and the nun laughed and then the whole class laughed at me. I remember being crushed.

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    • Haha no! I don’t share my real name on my blog but make references to its uniqueness quite often lol however, you’re a regular member of the blog so if you wanted to join my Giggling Follower’s you are more than welcome to. There’s a tab on my blog to explain all that


  2. Both my first and last name were unusual, my first name started becoming popular in the UK about the time I was ten but it was still uncommon enough that I also suffered the annoyance of having to constantly correct my teachers.

    My worst teacher was probably an IT teacher. We had to use these really old and slow computers in the IT lab and I’d grown up with PCs in the house (usually in varying stages of construction). I’d been playing on them since I was a child and helped build my first computer when I was seven.

    So to safe time in class I’d do things like using keyboard shortcuts, rather than following the set route we were supposed to follow. The teacher pulled me up in front of the class one day for showing a friend how I’d managed to get something done in just a couple of clicks when it was taking her nearly ten minutes to do the same thing. He told me that he was the teacher and I was not, and I was supposed to do things his way, and not show my friends the quicker way of doing things.

    I was really shy and never really got into trouble in school so I was absolutely mortified and went back to doing things the slow way, which meant that I stopped finishing the assignments before the end of the lesson as I had been, and tended to just sit around not doing much for those lessons (like everyone else).

    Cait @ Click’s Clan

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    • Oh goodness that’s horrible! I really hate when teachers do that – it’s not like their way is the only way to do things. Im a nanny and trying to help my kidlets do homework has become a problem soemtimes because I’m a licensed teacher as well and will sometimes use a different method than their teacher for the same thing and their teachers don’t like it. It’s ridiculous! But then there are also times where the teacher will be all “oh I didn’t know that way!” And have the kid explain it and learn a new way. That’s always awesome.


  3. I had some doozies. The year 8 art teacher who would “help” some students by sketching the work for them and then giving them an A and praising their work; the year 9 and 10 maths teacher who for two years couldn’t remember my name (although he’d tutored me for a year prior to being in his class); the year 3 teacher who spent every writing lesson using my name against me “Anita should be neater”. But for all the bad ones I had some amazing teachers 🙂

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