Saturday Questions #2

Write about a place you call home

I don’t really call where I live “home”. Like sure if I’m out with friends and I need to get going then I’ll say I’m heading home but it’s never “home” home. If ya know what I mean.

I’ve always considered home to be my parent’s house. If it’s a holiday or just a random weekend where I need some time in the same house as my parents but probably ignoring them while I snuggle with my dog or watch stuff on my laptop, I say I’m going home.

I’m not sure why I haven’t really ever considered anywhere else to be home. Maybe because nowhere else I’ve lived has ever really been mine? When I first moved out I sublet a room for 8 months. Just a room in a house. Then I was in an apartment in Korea that was paid for by my work, then a basement room for teacher’s college in the house of a friend, then another apartment in Korea and when I came to Toronto, I’ve lived where my boss has told me to because they provide it as part of my contract.

In between all those places, I’ve lived at home. With my parents. So maybe, even after all these years of being out on my own, I’ve never really considered anywhere else to be “home” because it’s never really been my home?

If you want to join me on these Saturday Questions, the original post can be found here.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Questions #2

  1. Aww, I love this! Going back ‘home’ to my parents always feels more ‘home’ even though I now have my own home with my husband and my cats. I think your parent’s place never really stop being ‘home’… ☺️

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  2. the last house the Hub and I owned felt more like home than our current one. Maybe because it was the first one we’d bought and we’d done so much work to it turning it into “our” house. We left because the Hub’s work meant we had to move 1600km away. A little too far to commute!

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