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Okies, straight up – I’m a pretty innocent adult. I think that anyone reading this blog for more than a second would realize that. I’m not as innocent as I make it out to be (a girl’s gotta have some sort of life) but for the most part, what ya see is what ya get.

Even though I say that I’m not a little angel sitting on a cloud waving palm leaves, I do proudly boast that I’ve never done drugs. Never intentionally that is.

So here’s the story of the first time I got high. Actually, the only time.

You have to understand that winters in Canada are cold. Like not as cold as people always seem to think, but there are a few days every year where I am surprised that my car will start because my nose has literally frozen shut during the short walk from the house to the car. That’s freaking cold!! It’s a very strange sensation to feel the post to your nose ring freeze inside your nose.

When I was in high school, I always had a plan to get home as quickly as possible. Once I started joining clubs, I was provided with a bus pass by my parents so they didn’t have to make multiple trips to the school every day to do pick-ups.

One extremely cold winter day, I decided that I was going to stay at the bus stop with a shelter (which always had the majority of students standing at it) instead of the one without a shelter. The bonus of going to the one without a shelter was that you didn’t get squished going on the bus – you were right at the front and could easily get off once it was your stop. But the day before, I was at that bus stop and a girl literally started crying because it was so cold and then her eyelashes stuck together. If I rushed, I could make it to the bus shelter before everyone else and then I could wait inside the shelter. It wasn’t going to be warmer, but at least I would be safe from the wind.

When I say rushed, I mean I rushed! I had my bag packed before I went to my last class, which was super close to my locker. I grabbed my coat and all my winter stuff and zoomed out and across the street to make it to the bus. If I was lucky, I could even catch the bus that would come to the stop before a herd of students would assemble there.

I made it just in time to see the brake lights of the bus turn the corner to go to the other stop. But at least I was the first one there and the bus shelter was all mine. For a few minutes, that is. Soon the other students started to trickle in – one here, a small group there. Just like that, the shelter was packed to capacity and more students kept trying to push their way in.

And then it happened – that unmistakable smell of weed floating through the air. In no time, the whole shelter was hot-boxed, and I had my very first high. I can’t remember how I felt for the rest of the day – feelings aren’t really part of my crazy good memory, it’s just the details haha. But yes – that was my first, and only, time being high.

I honestly never really saw the appeal in drugs. Some of my closest friends were the school’s dealers but I never had the urge to partake in their business. Maybe it was because I saw how they were? I’m really not sure.

But at least I can say that, yes I have been high, and no I still don’t do drugs. No, not even pot.

13 thoughts on “Puff, Puff

  1. I am certainly no druggie. However, I do like my weed. My parents were hippies and it’s something that was just always around. It’s no biggie to me, and should be legalized everywhere. My parents always preached “no pills, no powders” and I’ve stuck to that. But a doobie now and then is just what the doctor ordered for me, and I see it as no different than having a couple beers or glasses of wine.

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  2. Two ways I relate to this post:
    1. My ex always pointed to the radio when Adam Ant’s “Goody Two Shoes” came on. (Y’don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do?)
    2. I haven’t had a car for two-and-a-half years, and this past winter was the worst ever (which is saying a lot for Cleveland, one of Forbes’ worst winter weather cities). As I walked to work on a zero-degree day, the wind made my eyes tear up, so I had little, clear Christmas bulbs on the tips of my lashes. 😶👎

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    • Haha I don’t drink or smoke either!

      I used to have a car, but I don’t need one in Toronto. I have access to vehicles at work when I need them for work, and my boss actually supplies a monthly bus pass for me just in case I need a vehicle for the kids but there isn’t one available. I actually don’t mind it too much. I had to google what a zero-degree day was for me, it’s -17 lol, so I totally understand that! Now imagine a -29 day (-20 for you) with a windchill that makes it feel like -36 (-32 for you) haha We had a whole week of that last Christmas it was brutal!

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  3. I’m with Tony… although I haven’t smoked anything for quite some time. But on the legalization… yes. It should be legal. Alcohol is worse and I don’t understand why that’s legal and weed isn’t. It’s so stupid. Plus, drunk feels like hell. High feels great. (Not that I’m trying to influence anyone’s decisions!)

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