Nail Art Sunday: Arrows

OMG!!! I fixed my camera issues!! 

I found the stand that I got with my iPad and now I can keep my phone vertical instead of horizontal and now that videos aren’t sideways! YAY! Although maybe that decreases the appeal of the videos if they aren’t horrible fails?

I know last time I said I was going to keep the video to under 30 minutes and I totally did! This one is 24:29 😉 haha! I’m working on it guys but when I’m updating you on dates and things, the videos are going to be a little longer. At least in this one, I’m not almost in tears talking about things. Dang those stupid emotions.

Here is the inspiration for the design:


Here is the video:

And here is the Instagram picture I put up of the final product:


It’s been a week since I finished this design and it’s all gone now. The glitter lasted until Wednesday. Yup, just two days at work and then it was peeling off. But it’s my fault – I wasn’t using gloves to wash dishes. And then the other nails started to chip as well. By Thursday, I had bare nails again. Such a waste of time and product.

I think I’ll be stopping with the gel polish for a little bit and will instead be working with regular polish. I think it will be a nice change so that you can see that the designs can be done at home with regular supplies as well.

Until next time, my nail polish loving people!


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