Saturday Questions

Hey Peeps and Meeps! I’m going to be trying something new.

As you all know, I’ve been floundering lately in the world of blogging. I’ve lost motivation, direction, ambition – pretty much any “tion” word you can associate with blogging, I’ve lost it. So I took hiatus after hiatus and then was basically forced to take the summer off because I was way too busy to do anything other than work and sleep. But that was good!

It’s September and it’s good to be writing! I’ve missed it. My soul has missed it.

In order to help take the pressure off to keep up the posts, I’ve decided to make Saturday a day for one of those lovely Pinterest lists that I’m so fond of. It’s not really a challenge, just prompts to get me through. They are quick and easy so if I have time before work I can do it, or after work. It shouldn’t be a problem. Plus, there are enough to last the entire year!

Here is the list I’ll be working off of: img_0729

Like I said, I originally got it from Pinterest, but the blog it came from is here. So Saturdays will most likely come from this list.

However, I’m always open to suggestions. If there are questions you want to know how I’d respond to, or just general questions about me (like I don’t overshare here as it is) -drop them in the comments below, or send me an email at or use my Contact Page. Like normal, if you want to be anonymous that’s totally cool just let me know.

5 thoughts on “Saturday Questions

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