Kid’s Say The Darndest Things

Do you guy’s remember that show? It had Bill Cosby and he would be talking to kids about random things just to get some silly answers? Well, what about when adults say silly things? 

Since I started being a nanny almost two years ago, I have caught myself saying some things that I never thought I’d be saying. I didn’t start writing them down at first, but now I have a little list for you. I’m sure that I have missed a few really good ones, but here is a little glimpse into the silliness that I live in:

  • stop licking me
  • can you stop dancing naked in the hallway, please?
  • I’d prefer apple juice if you’re going to buy anything (in regards to my parents not giving my kids soda)
  • don’t touch my face after you’ve touched your bum
  • what is a furry? Ummmm…a furry is…
  • (4th was being silly and said her bedroom door was now her) Door 4th would love me. Thank you for the hug Door 4th (I literally hugged the door)
  • I shouldn’t have to tell you not to pee on the floor (said to an 8-year-old who was 5 steps from the bathroom)
  • You like looking at my nose hairs when I talk because they move around? Thank you? I guess?

I have also had to explain what rape is to the 8-year-old because there was an ad in the subway, and discussed political parties/ideologies with an 11-year-old during election time and why people vote the way they vote, and had to try to explain why Joseph didn’t want to marry Mary when he found out she was pregnant with baby Jesus.

Have you had any crazy conversations with kids lately? Let me know!

11 thoughts on “Kid’s Say The Darndest Things

    • Haha!!! Oh goodness! That’s a great question! I had a few I couldn’t answer over the summer and when I said I didn’t know the toddler was like “yes you do” so I had to say that sometimes even grownups don’t know the answer and I could make one up for him but I don’t know the answer. He usually opted for the made up answer which was always uberly bananas lol

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  1. “Boys are so lucky they only have to worry about one thing. Girls have to worry about getting their period…only girls get their period, right? Girls have to worry about getting their period *AND* being constipated!”

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