When It’s Not Your Year

Ever have a bad day? I know you have, don’t worry boo – me too. But what about a whole year? 

When I was a little kid, I had it pretty easy. I was healthy and happy. It was great. Until grade 1.

Grade 1 was my year of horrors. Up until that point, my mom said I was a normal kid. I had the chicken pox once (anyone else get to experience pox parties?) and a few minor colds and accidents but nothing major. Then grade 1 happened.

My family had moved to a small town half-way through my year of senior kindergarten. The next year, my mom thought it would be nice to put me into figure skating lessons. Trust me, it was adorable. I have VHS proof. So in September, I started figure skating lessons.

Sometime during the fall-ish/winter-ish time frame, I got really sick. I had whooping cough. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s horrible. I don’t really know how to explain it other than I was coughing for like 3 months haha. It’s really serious though. You cough all day long, and for me, every time I would cough, I would throw up. It totally damaged my lungs so that now when I get a minor cold, the cough will linger for a long ass time after. It’s annoying. It also means that when I got over it, my body didn’t realize I wasn’t throwing up anymore and I ballooned out. Skinny to chubby in one year!

In addition to having this illness, this was also the year we found out that I’m allergic (or was, there is some debate now that I’m an adult) to penicillin. The standard medicine for whooping cough is the banana medicine – aka penicillin. So not only was I throwing up every time I coughed, when I had to take my medicine the throwing up doubled. It was a pure delight! I missed something like 30-40 consecutive days of school (this isn’t counting weekends). I almost had to repeat the grade.

So that’s two things down.

Then I sprained my ankle. I was playing this game with my brother. One of us would stand on the couch, and the other on the floor, and the one on the floor had a pillow and we had to throw it at the person on the couch and hit them. The person on the couch had to jump out of the way.

It was my turn to be the jumper and I was bouncing around on our couch. Which was also a pull out bed. And my foot slipped between the two cushions. This happened a lot, as I’m sure you can imagine. Only this time, it slipped between the cushions and ripped the fabric to the bed underneath, and then my foot fell through into the bed part, and my ankle got twisted around one of the springs, and I was still trying to dodge the pillow that was coming my way. And that’s how I sprained my ankle. It healed up, but it took a while.

Then it was my birthday. For my birthday, I just wanted my ears pierced. A few girls in my class had theirs done and I wanted to be the same. My parents agreed and for my birthday I got them pierced. It was great!! I loved my new little golden earrings. We started with just the standard ball and post. Every morning and night I would clean them, and I loved to spin them around in my fingers (still do actually…).

One morning I woke up and went to clean them. I did one side, took it out, cleaned it, put it back in, spun it around. And then went to the other – the backing was there, but there was no ball on the front! I went to my mom who discovered that the hole was infected, and had puffed up, and the little ball had popped inside my ear!! I had to have it cut out! Then the ear had to heal, and then I had to get it pierced again. So for about a month in grade 1, I only had one earring. And then we switched to sleeper hoops so that it didn’t happen again haha.

And that was my super horrible year! I had whooping cough and almost had to repeat grade 1, I found out I was allergic to one of the most common medicines to treat infections, I sprained my ankle, and I had to have an earring cut out of my ear.

That whole time I was still taking figure skating lessons. But after missing so many lessons due to all of that, and that I probably went back before my ankle was really healed and it hurt when I skated, I never ended up taking lessons again. I did the one year, I have a video to show my cute little bum skating around to 50’s songs and my friend’s skirt falling off during one of our routines, but that’s it. Too bad – maybe I could have gone to the Olympics. I guess we’ll never know!

8 thoughts on “When It’s Not Your Year

    • I’m 31 and I’m not sure if they had vaccines for it? Maybe they did and it just didn’t work? I have no idea lol maybe because I had the vaccine it wasn’t as bad as it could have been? I’ve heard stories of people having to be hospitalized for it. Thankfully I never had to go to the hospital


    • It’s rough when you have an allergy to one of the most common medicines out there to treat so many things. Two years ago I had to have a root canal done, while I was living in South Korea, and trying to explain to the pharmacists that I had the allergy was torture. Once I had the pharmacist explain all the medicines I was taking and it was so hard for her, and then she asked if I had any allergies so I told her and her face just dropped. One of the pills was penicillin. I just let it slide and thankfully I just felt a little queezy and nothing else. Maybe that means I’m growing out of it? lol


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