Oh, wow!

Third day in a row talking about boys…I am not going to turn into that type of girl!

But just for today, humour me, okies? Awesome.

So there have been a few instances in my life where the reaction I have gotten from the male gender has surprised me. It doesn’t happen a lot, so when it does, it kind of sticks in my head.

The first such instance I talked about yesterday in my Grocery Store Romance post. Having that guy stop what he was doing to say “wow” over my Halloween costume literally changed how I viewed myself and that’s basically how I turned into the super awesome sauce amazing adorable cupcake of a person I am today (should we add humble to that list of adjectives? I think we should)

The second time I was “wow”ed, I was visiting my brother. I had arrived in Ottawa and Le Brother was at home with his new roommate. Le Brother said “Hey R, this is my sister T” and then R went to get up off the couch to say hi.Β Ps: ladies, I don’t know about you but I love when a guy is introduced to me and he stands. Like sometimes he doesn’t even shake my hand or whatever, but he just stands. It makes me feel all old fashioned and it’s adorable.

R gets up and turns around, goes “oh, wow!” and then straightens his shirt and extends his hand for me to shake.

Then, when I first started this nanny job, my first weekend working there, I was at the house and a friend of the family came over to see the kids. He comes in and the mom introduces him to me and says “This is T, our new nanny”. I smile and say “Hi!” cos I’m chipper and bubbly like that and he goes, “Oh, wow! Hi.”

So those are my stories. Not a super long or exciting post but at least I can delete that point from the note in my phone.

Have you ever been wow’ed? Tell me about it in the comment section below!

Just a little FYI for tomorrow’s post: Unfortunately it’s got to be a password protected post – it’s a silly one based on the unique spelling of my real name.Β No, my parents didn’t call me Giggling Fattie. How cruel would that have been?!Β If you already have the password then feel free to read it. If you have forgotten the password, hit me up with an email and I’ll send it again. If you don’t have the password, but want it, check out this page which explains the criteria to get the password, and if you think you meet it, hit me up with an email.

10 thoughts on “Oh, wow!

  1. Nope, never wow’d (and too old for it now…lucky I’m married and the Hub stuck with me *grin*), but I was woof whistled a few times in my younger days. I’m sure that counts.

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