Grocery Store Romances

I’ve decided to just dive right into the note on my phone that contains all my ideas for this blog – I’ll start at the top and just work my way down. My first bullet point was “grocery store romances”

I’m not exactly sure what I meant when I wrote it, it could mean about 3 or 4 different things – but I’m going to tell you about something that came to mind when I read it.

When I was in university, I had a job working at a grocery store as a cashier. It was my first cashier job, and I very quickly moved my way up to assistant department manager. It was great.

But that’s not the point. Even though I had had a few relationships before starting to work there (I started when I was 19), I had never really felt desirable to men before that. I just figured it wasn’t in the cards for me. This was also before I really started to love myself and who I was/am as a person. That was until this one guy.

He was gorgeous, ya’ll. Jamaican background, 5’8, amazing smile and big bright eyes, amazingly stylish, and had a stomach you could wash laundry on. In the summer he would walk around shirtless in the plaza that the store was in and it was almost too much to handle.


I have this crazy memory and I can actually remember the first conversation we ever had. I has half dying from a cold and was working the register cashing people out as quickly as possible to get through a line so I could go back and hide in the office and die in peace. The rush was almost over, I had called another cashier to come and take my place, and this guy was the last in my line. He was buying toothpaste (I told you, crazy memory) and he started talking about how crazy it was that in some places the rich pay less money for the same product as the poor would and how the communist system had a great idea, even if it lacked implementation potential. It was obscure and I had so much cold medicine in my body I’m not sure I was able to make any sort of intelligent reply, but that was our first conversation. A little bit of communism to start things off right!

Over the course of that year, we had a very strong flirtation going. Every time he would come into the store, I would literally just walk away from whatever I was doing and walk with him as he did his shopping. A few weeks after our first conversation, it was Halloween and I was in a black dress with HUGE butterfly wings on. I was at a register and all I heard from behind me was “wow – YES!” I turned around to see him standing there staring at me like no guy had ever stared at me before. It was literally the turning point in how I viewed my body. If someone that gorgeous, and funny, and sweet, could look at me like that, why couldn’t I see it in myself?

In January, I was moving out of my parent’s house for the first time and into a house just off campus from my university. I was 22 and just needed to finish my last semester at school but my parents were moving out of town and I couldn’t go to school and move with them. I was telling this guy how I wouldn’t be doing my regular shift because I was moving and he got all upset because he thought I was moving out of town! When he realized I was moving a 10-minute walk from the store, he got all quiet and adorable. Looked down at his feet and was shuffling them back and forth and asked for my number. It was seriously the cutest thing!

We started texting in addition to seeing each other almost every day at the store. Remember we started this in October and now it was January. He kept saying that we needed to meet up and go out and all that but nothing was ever planned. He did call me once at 2:30 in the morning but I wasn’t (and still am not) interested in being someone’s booty call.

We finally made plans to meet up outside of the store. In August. AUGUST. We set a time and a place and I was there. I waited for about 10 minutes before getting a newspaper and starting to read it. When I finished the section, it was 45 minutes after our arranged time and I left. The first time I was ever stood up. I text him later asking what had happened and he said he was sorry but that I didn’t remind him of our date. I told him that he’s 25 and a grown ass man – he shouldn’t need me to remind him that we have a date.

Then about a month later I was moving out of town and heading to South Korea. One of the girls I worked with told me he kept coming around asking about me and wanting my new number or email since I left without saying goodbye. Thankfully she didn’t give it to him.

So that was the end of that. My grocery store romance.

10 thoughts on “Grocery Store Romances

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  2. If his flirting helped your self-esteem then he was a positive relationship for you (sounds like he wasn’t the forever type anyway so I think you came out on top of that one)

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    • hehe I found out more information about him after I moved over seas and he definitely wasn’t the forever type. But that’s ok – as Jane Austen writes “a girl likes to be tossed in love once or twice” or something like that haha


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