Going Au Naturel

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Don’t worry, I’m not going to write a post with the cockiness of that gif, but I do want to talk about being natural. And the importance it played in my life this summer.

As a woman, I am constantly being told to buy all the makeups and use all the makeups because I need to look beautiful. As a plus-sized woman, I think that mentality is enhanced even more because “guys don’t want to date ugly women, and they don’t want to date ugly AND fat women”. It’s definitely a struggle.

The people in our lives impact us as well. My mom was raised to be a 1950’s housewife (even though she wasn’t born until 1957, but her eldest sibling was born in 36 so her mom had a lot of experience raising housewives by the time my mom came around). I obviously grew up with that as well because that’s what my mom knew – she would go to the grocery store and put on a full face of makeup. She got a trainer and actually dressed to go to the gym, and again, makeup. While working at Tim Hortons, she saw one of the ladies working there and she wasn’t wearing any makeup. My mom commented that she must really hate herself not to even try a little bit because how was she ever going to get a husband?! Because, apparently, even working at Tim Hortons you need to be all done up. I’ve been told by “friends” and co-workers that if I want a guy to notice me do this or wear that, or “do this juice cleanse to flatten your tummy”, or “Ya know they can tint your eyebrows really easily!”

I think I’ve survived it really well. I didn’t really like myself until my 20’s but now I love myself. My shape, my uniqueness over things like my hair (both colour and lack of it, maybe not so much the facial hair – it’s just annoying), my white eyelashes/eyebrows, my glasses, my freckles. I really and truly love myself. Which took a lot of hard work, don’t get me wrong. It definitely wasn’t easy!

But there’s always been one area where I was never really all that confident – going totally makeup free.

Ever since grade 8, I have always, always, worn makeup in public. It didn’t have to be a full face – but it was always mascara. While I love to say that my eyelashes are white and watch the reactions that people have over that, I also never really enjoyed how I looked with them.

Last year, I wasn’t feeling very well before work, so I didn’t put on any mascara. My kidlets spent the entire day going “seriously, what did you do to your face?” So I started just not wearing mascara. Just a day here or there, randomly.

This summer, I decided I wasn’t going to wear makeup. I was up way too early and my eyes were still in that “gah why are we open” stage when it would be time to put it on. Plus, it took up extra time in my morning routine. So, on the first day of work with the toddler, I didn’t wear it. And the next, and the next.

I’ve got to say, it was really liberating! I loved the fact that I didn’t need to be putting anything on my face (except sunscreen – take care of your health peeps!) every day. I did go back to just mascara for certain things like going to church or visiting friends or the funeral of the kidlet’s grandmother or to go on a date, but nothing more than just mascara.

I’m babysitting the toddler today and then have a BBQ to go to so I’m wearing makeup today, and it honestly feels really weird. My lashes feel heavy and out of place and my eyelids are starting to follow suit.

I’m glad that I was able to jump out of my comfort zone and learn to love the real, fully natural, me this summer! It was a great step to self-growth and self-acceptance.

How are you feeling about yourself today?

16 thoughts on “Going Au Naturel

  1. I rarely wear make-up. Even when I am going somewhere special it’s doubtful I’ll will. But I don’t think there is as much pressure in Oz to wear make-up as there is in the US. Don’t get me wrong, lots of people here wear make-up, but it isn’t allowed in schools so I don’t think it is as forced on us.

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  2. At 52, I have rarely worn make up regularly, and not many of my friends do either, for which I’m so grateful. As AJ says, our outdoor lifestyle in Oz perhaps makes us more liberated, but also I live in a rural area- I definitely felt more pressure to wear make up in the city. I wish all women could feel FREE to do what they want: wear make up or not/shave legs and armpits or not/wear skirts or trousers/etc etc etc. It IS fun to put on mascara and lippy once in a while, for a special occasion, but as a routine requirement? No thanks!

    (But nail polish is a different story of course 😉 ) x

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    • Hehe nail care is the one area where I’m high maintenance. I like my nails to look nice. I was babysitting the toddler today and I wore a maxi skirt cos its hella hot and humid and I knew that we wouldn’t be doing much in 4 hours and he couldn’t get over it “what’s that? What are you wearing?” He kept touching it and playing with it haha it’s was so weird!! I’ve worn shorts all summer cos I needed proper shoes and wasn’t going to wear sneakers with a skirt lol it was a bizarre day hehe

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  3. The right guy won’t care about the colour of your eyelashes or the flatness of your tummy… Plus, girls who love and accept themselves are much more fun to be around! 😉

    I rarely wear ‘real’ make-up… I usually wear a make-up base thingy to stop my skin from being to shiny and some mascara (mostly to curl my eyelashes and keep them from touching my glasses all the time). I’m outdoorsy and otherwise work from home and live in a more rural area so like others have said, not much pressure on me either!

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    • Ooo I do the mascara/don’t touch my glasses thing too! haha It’s annoying to get those little marks on there all day.

      And I totally agree – girls who love and accept themselves are much more fun! I went on a few dates with a guy last year and he was so shocked about my personality. It kind of threw me off, cos he was saying that he’s dated plus-sized girls before and none of them were as happy and bubbly as I was or as ok with their bodies. That kind of rubbed me the wrong way, like was he expecting me to be hating on myself? I’m not sure – it didn’t last very long for other reasons so I never found out haha

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      • I understand why it rubbed you the wring way… It sounds like a really weird thing to say! I really hope you find Mr. Right… I don’t really know you but you sound like a bubbly, lovely, fun gal and you deserve all the best!

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        • It was a really weird thing to say! haha also that I’m the first Christian that he’s met that wasn’t judgmental and all preachy and condemning. But that one I totally understand.

          And thank you! That’s very sweet of you to say 🙂

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  4. For the past 2ish weeks, I haven’t been able to wear eye makeup because I scratched my cornea (oww!). Today is my first day being able to wear it again and I feel so pretty!

    I don’t mind my face without makeup. I really and truly am one of the few that uses makeup to enhance my natural beauty. I don’t use cakey foundation; I use a sheer foundation to tone down redness while still showing my freckles. I don’t use 10 different shades of eye shadow and 30 brushes for my eyes to make them smokey/cat-like/full glam. I have blue eyes that I like to make pop with some eyeliner and mascara. 🙂

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    • I love the “oh so purdy” feeling of wearing makeup after a while with not wearing it. I too only use a little bit when I do wear it. I’ve given up foundation and concealer and focus just on my eyes. I like a simple mascara, white eyeliner and black eyeliner. It’s soooo pretty


  5. I almost never wear makeup. I did, at one time… when I was in my late teens and twenties. But I’ve gone without it for a long time. At this point, I don’t even know how to wear it. Like, what the in-thing is or whatever. I did get a comment once during the past year (from a relative) that some eye makeup would really look great on me. I have none… and I have no idea how to use it anyway!

    And I had no trouble getting a husband without it.

    But… I do hate myself. Makeup or not.

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