Happy End of Summer!

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While my return to the blogging world may not be as exciting or impressive as Ms. Jay returning to America’s Next Top Model, I think it does require a little bit of fanfare. So take the minute or two that you need to celebrate and then compose yourself.

It’s been a very long and exhausting summer for me. I had a new job just for the summer, I jumped back into the dating world, I found out I might not have a job in September but then oh look it’s all good. I’m sorry my blogging has suffered because of all that but I only have so much energy.

Just a quick recap on a few things:

The New Job

This summer I was the nanny for an amazing three-year-old little boy. We had so much fun! I was nervous going in because I hadn’t worked with someone so young in a while but I knew that I could do it – I just didn’t know how easy it would be. And it was easy. He is so articulate and well mannered and easy to direct and correct. I only had to give one proper timeout in the entire seven weeks. I wasn’t a fan of the potty training but it happened and I think I did really well with it. He is very particular about his personal space and very vocal when you get too close and he doesn’t want you to. On my very last day he gave me my very first proper hug (followed by about 50 more over 2 hours while we were out on an adventure), he sat in my lap for the very first time, and he gave me a kiss on the cheek. Then his parents gave me a lovely gift and wrote me a card which was transcribed “word for word” from his little mind. It was emotional and fabulous and I am so happy that I found another family that I meshed well with for this job.

The Dating

Omg – I hate dating. Well, no. I really enjoy dating – it’s the finding someone to date part that I hate! There isn’t too much to say that wasn’t in my nail video if you suffered through the whole 30-minutes of it haha! But it was basically that I went on a few dates this summer, some were good, some were bad, none actually ended up to be more than just a few dates. I know I said in my last nail video that I’d update you on the date I was going on that weekend, so I’ll save that for the next video – which should be coming next weekend because I’m doing my nails on Monday. Just so you know.

The Old Job

I miss my old job. It’s not as fun as playing with a toddler all day and hanging out at the library or singing silly songs, but it’s my life and I like it. I saw the kidlets a few times over the summer – one of their grandmothers passed so, unfortunately, that made up a few of the visits. We also just got to hang out a bit. 3rd had his birthday, so now he’s 11. I had a meeting with the mom a week ago and was told that there was an issue with their homestay students. The girls lined up to come weren’t confirmed yet, and they didn’t have their visas yet. This would impact my job security. However, just an hour ago, I was told that the last spaces have been filled and to expect the girls I will be caring for to start arriving this afternoon! What a relief! If they didn’t come then salaries wouldn’t be able to be met and that would impact my employment. I’ve also decided that I will definitely sign one more contract with this family (making it 3 years of employment with them) and I might consider finding something else next fall when my contract is up. I’m not sure if it will be another nanny job, I might want something more stable but still in the education field. We’ll see!

Life in General

I’m still loving the iPhone, I’m still making blankets (starting my last one today), I’m still doing nail art videos, I am happy to be back into blogging and am excited to get some posts out!

16 thoughts on “Happy End of Summer!

    • Aw thanks so much! That’s so sweet 🙂 and “don’t get me started” is such a fun game to play haha!! But I don’t think that was the point of your comment – I totally agree that Ms. Jay’s return was EPIC! I loved it

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    • I did have a great summer! I’m happy to be getting back into my regular routine though. And yes – the kid was super duper sweet!! I’m actually seeing him today for a few hours of babysitting haha


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