Happy Anniversary!

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Who is 3? Well, it’s this blog!! Today marks the 3rd anniversary of when I started blogging. My official WordPress anniversary doesn’t come until October, but I started No Love For Fatties on this day, three years ago.

I know I have been very quiet over the summer, but that’s mostly because I’m working almost 12 hour days (leaving my house at 6:55 and returning home at 6:40) and it’s taken a toll on me. Especially since the entire day is spent running around after a very active and amazingly wonderful 3-year-old. I honestly wish I was comfortable enough to nap in their house while he is napping. In September, when my schedule is back to normal, I hope to be able to blog more with you all.

As of today, I have:

  • 1243 posts published
  • 11, 031 comments (and have been saved from 2,829 spam ones)
  • A wide variety of blogging friends
  • Multiple blogging friends who have become real-life friends (even if we haven’t actually met in person), people I talk to outside of WordPress that I know I can count on when I need advice, support, or just a super cheesy joke to make me smile, and I truly value them as real-life friends. They’ve morphed into people who will all be getting invitations to my wedding when I marry either Ralph Fiennes, Tom Hiddleston, or Chris Evans (or, ya know, just a regular person, let the fates decide I guess haha!)
  • Countless memories.

I’ve been lucky enough to never have had to block a blogger from my site, and I’ve never had any comment that has been less than lovely. I’m so happy to have formed this little community here. I love each and every one of you.

Thank you all for these last three years. I know it’s said by almost every single blogger who makes an anniversary post, but I honestly wouldn’t be here without you. I’ve blogged before and never been able to make it last more than about 6 months. The only difference between then and now is who reads my blog. Some people don’t understand the anonymity of my blog, but the only thing I hold back is my actual face. If anyone who really knew me came across this blog, they would know instantly that it’s me. But having others read and comment on my writing is what has made this such an enjoyable experience for me. Without all my lovely followers, I would have gotten bored and discouraged and given up years ago!

Image result for royalty free images happy 3rd anniversary

28 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. HAPPY BLOGGAVERSARY you little unicorn-hippo!!!! You’re amazing- please don’t stop writing! We are losing some of the only good ones left around here and my heart can’t take it! Lol on another note. I GET IT!!! I’ve been so behind on writing because of LIFE and I hate using that excuse right?! We are writers and we should be writing damn it but unfortunately, LIFE! Lol. Love ya girl! You’re one of the reasons I kept going as well. Thanks for being YOU.

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    • Awww thanks Ely! You’re amazing! I love reading your blog (and will be going over to read your new post in just a few minutes!) I really hope that I can get back into the swing of things after the 1st of September. I miss writing! And I miss the community of it all when I am making posts. Only 5 more days of crazy early wake ups and crazy long days. I kind of want to keep up waking up early – more time for writing, maybe throw in a workout, but I probably wont haha

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  2. Congrats on 3 years!!! I haven’t been much of a blogger this YEAR and have missed reading and commenting but look forward to getting back into it and reading more of your posts! Keep it up! Xo

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