Nail Art Sunday

People of the internet! I’ve done it again!! 

My nails that is – I’ve done my nails again. I know, such a big shock.

Of course, the camera isn’t the right way BUT you can actually see me doing my nails haha. Here is in the inspiration photo:


And here is the video! I am talking about literally all sorts of things because I kept forgetting to turn off my camera before I put my hand into the lightbox. So if you want to get all caught up on my life, here is a 30-minute video where you can get all caught up on my summer and have a sideways view of me doing my nails while I talk and talk and talk.

Just a little note for next time: I love the colour combination but I would definitely use a smaller dotting tool.

4 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday

    • Yes, definitely should have used a smaller tool. And I like the grey better too 😀 I’m hoping that I don’t ruin them. I have a very bad habit of picking at my polish, especially at any imperfections and then I ruin them.


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