Last Minute Nail Art Decisions

So I know that I normally give lots of notice for this type of thing, but I’ve been sucking as a blogger this summer. I know it, you know it, we all know it. Now that I’ve admitted it, let’s just all accept my short comings and move on. 

When I posted almost two weeks ago about a new nail gem glue, I said I’d have a poll ready for the next one. Well I wasn’t going to do my nails until next weekend but plans change, things happen, and here we are. It’s Friday night and I’m doing my nails tomorrow. Yes, that’s right TOMORROW evening.

Just a quick update on my nail glue: All the gems lasted for SO LONG! I lost my first one 8 days in. It fell off at church last Sunday. In it’s defence, I did scrape it along the chair as I was doing that “smooth out the back of my dress over my bum” with my sundress to sit down. It snagged the chair fabric. It also was on the hand that spent an hour in a kiddie pool one afternoon the week before. And got snagged on a piece of floss. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did. The rest would have lasted longer but I took my polish off. So the glue is a keeper! YAY To put this in perspective, the nail glue I got from the drug store, I would do my nails at 7pm after all showers and dish washings and over night the first night I would lose at least one gem.

Now onto today: There will be no poll, just vote for the one you like in the comments below. Ya’ll have until tomorrow afternoonish. Like 5ish? Maybe 7ish? I have no idea.

Option 1:










Option 2:


Option 3:

Like always, colours may not be the same as the pictures depending on my mood tomorrow afternoon. If you want to suggest a change in colours, feel free. My last set was pinks so maybe I’ll switch it up to light purple or blue.

10 thoughts on “Last Minute Nail Art Decisions

    • oh it’s ok AJ! I usually have a poll up for a week so people have a chance. I did #2, but with your vote that means there was a vote for each one. I posted a video of me doing them but it’s 30 minutes long haha. I was rambling quite a bit about my summer and life and dates lol I kept forgetting to turn the camera off and then I had to fill the time


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