Warm Fuzzies 3

What?! Less than a month since my last post and here we are with another one?! I know – I’m insane. 

Just to recap for anyone who is new here, or who hasn’t been following along: I’m a nanny to 4 pretty amazing kids. For the summer I’m working with a different family, but in three weeks I’ll be back with my regular kidlets.

I decided early this year that for Christmas, I wanted to make blankets for all my kids. Yup – handmade blankets for four kids. For anyone who knows me, that’s just a little insane! The first ever blanket I knit was for a friend’s baby and it took me about 4 months to finish it. (The story of the blanket is with the link but unfortunately, the picture is lost) But once I set my mind to something, it’s hard to change course.

I got started in February, and in just about one week I had the first blanket finished. I was over the moon! If I could manage one week for each blanket, then I was going to have no problems at all getting this done. And it turned out so amazing. You can have a peek at it here.

Then, in May I decided it was time to start the next blanket. This time it was to be knit (I had planned two knit and two crochet). But it wasn’t all one piece like the first one. It took around 2 fudge muffin months! to finish this second blanket. I almost gave up a few times. But I finally finished it during my vacation at the start of July. I didn’t want to be working on it while trying to enjoy my new job. I posted about it here and then decided to take a break for the summer.

But I’m sure that the title of this post gave me away: I have finished another blanket! This one is for 2nd. She loves purple, so I selected three shades of purple to make a lovely ombre. I picked out 2 balls of yarn in each colour, just in case, and got to work!

I crocheted up one ball of each and that took me just a few days. Like maybe 4ish? It was so fast!


Well, one ball of each colour didn’t really give me enough squares to make the size of throw that I wanted, but I still had fun laying them out to see what it was going to end up looking like.


I used the next day or so to add another 6 squares of each colour. This finished off the first week. It was so easy because I could come home from work with the toddler and then crochet up 3 squares before bed while watching Netflix. Crochet is the best!

If this blanket had been one solid piece, it would have only taken that first week to finish. But I left the squares sitting in their bag for a week. Last weekend, I took the time and sewed together rows in the order that I needed. Once again, those rows spent a week being ignored and on Saturday I decided to sew them together. In total, this blanket took 9 days of work to complete.


It just needs a nice wash to make it lay flat and that’s the end of that! I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s a little shorter than I was expecting from my plan, but I’m still happy with it. These aren’t meant to be full sized blankets for a bed, but more like a throw for reading or watching tv. Just enough to cover their legs. I know she’s going to love it!

So I have 3 down, and 1 to go. The next is for the boy. It was the hardest one to decide on a pattern and colour. I am actually taking a break now since I have so much time left before Christmas. Keep your eyes out for the last post in the fall.

13 thoughts on “Warm Fuzzies 3

  1. I love crocheting squares too! I made a huge temperature blanket last year – one row of a different colour for each day. It had to be six months each and two blankets because I over scaled it and each one was six feet long!


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