Let’s have a sing along

Everyone get the tune of “head and shoulders, knees and toes” in your heads. Ready? Ok!

Hand and foot and mouth disease, mouth disease, mouth disease. Hand and foot and mouth disease, my week is gonna be weird. 

I got a text from the parents of the toddler I’m nannying on Sunday. It said he had a fever and a rash on his feet and they would check in. Monday was a holiday and I was home but he went to the doctor. It’s a confirmed case of hand, feet, and mouth disease. Poor little guy!

I was totally fine until about 10pm last night. Then my own symptoms started. Thankfully, in adults, it’s usually only a sore throat. Which I’ve got plus a cough.

I’m sure the worst is over for both of us but it is uberly contagious.  This means that we aren’t going to any of our activities this week. It’s going to be a long week of not leaving the property but I think I’ve got enough activities planned to keep us busy.

The only thing is that he keeps asking to go to the library. I love that he loves the library so much!! I brought a bag full of my own books but it’s not the same obviously haha. I might consider going to the library after work tomorrow to get a bag full of our regular book.

Pray for my sanity peeps!!

14 thoughts on “Let’s have a sing along

  1. Maybe you and he could make books together and ‘build’ a library! I’m sorry you got ‘lurgied’!!
    I’m the undisputed Queen of Chickenpox! I’ve had it five times. Each time a doctor has confirmed it and said how weird it is but they’ve also said because I still get chickenpox I’ll never get shingles! Fingers crossed because they also said it’s rare to get it twice even lol

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  2. Dang, that is one catchy song haha. Hope you feel better! Maybe try and remix the song to include Hippos? That’ll make things better, surely. A few summers ago I worked with a guy at camp who got Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. I had no clue what it was but we didn’t see him for two weeks…

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    • It’s basically a rash on those 3 areas and it’s really contagious. I’m thinking my sore throat is from sharing food with the little guy. He’ll drink from my water bottle, or tell me to have a piece of his popsicle lol and you just can’t say no to that cute little face and if he’s willingly sharing haha! I’m hoping it will only be a week haha

      And I shall try to remix it! Hippos will definitely make it better!

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    • It wasn’t too horrible. We played and played and both got bored and a little cranky by the end. Friday his parents said that we were able to leave the property so the mom dropped us at the zoo and we spent the entire day outside. It was glorious!! Back to regular routine starting tomorrow


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