Nail Art Sunday

Two weeks in a row! Wooo I’m on fire! 

Alright, peeps! Here is another nail art video, inspired by the 3-year-old that I’m nannying. All week he said he wanted me to have orange nails but then on Friday he decided that they needed to be pink. I normally don’t change my gel polish after only one week when it was lasting so well, but I had gotten tired of the purple with black dots from last week (it was just too dark!) so I welcomed the change. Plus, I’ve been feeling a little extra girly lately which made it all the more fun.

Here is the inspiration picture that I used:


And here is the video for ya’ll. It’s about 9 minutes just so you know.

The middle section is sidewise, I’m sorry! I didn’t realize that it would happen while using the app Clips. I’m still learning! I will try to work out the kinks as I go. But that’s the fun part of my videos – there is always something wrong with them technically. Can I make money for making horrible videos? Let’s look into that, shall we?

So far the nail glue is holding up. The lady said that I will need 100% acetone to get it off so I’m hoping that in two weeks all the gems will still be attached to my nails. But I did make sure to have my shower and do dishes before I did my nails so that the glue would have at least a fighting chance.

19 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday

    • HAHA! Omg I was so dumb that day! Sometimes I think my mistakes are what make the videos so much fun – I have zero editing skills (as you can see) so what happens is what happens and I just don’t care lol A new video will be posted this Sunday 😉 thanks for the follow


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