2 Week Check-In

I am officially an iPhone user. 

My new phone arrived just over two weeks ago, and I’ve had a nice little trial period with it. My phone company allows you 14 days to check it out and if you need to return it, you can, for a full refund/exchange or whatever. Just as long as you don’t use more than 50 messages, or 50mb of data, or 50 minutes of calling. I practically used all 50 messages the first day I had it just because I was telling everyone how cute it was!

But, this isn’t something that needs to be cute (that’s what phone cases are for!). I needed a phone that I could actually use and not be frustrated with all the time. I was a little concerned about a few things when I first got it, but I quickly got over those concerns and now I’m actually really happy with it.

My first concern was the information transfer. With my last phone, I went from a Nexus 5 to an LG G5. All I had to do was turn something on in both phones, hold them back to back, wait like a minute for a bing and then all my information was transferred. Then just sign into my Google account and I was all done. I wasn’t looking forward to doing a manual re-entry of all my contacts into my Apple phone. I even considered only doing the ones I use all the time for the trial period just to limit my struggle. But then, my iPhone suggested an app during the setup which did everything for me! I downloaded it onto my LG G5, typed in the code that my iPhone gave me, and it transferred EVERYTHING. Pictures, contacts, emails, apps, even the text message conversations that I was having! Like previous messages! It was amazing. Problem one, fixed.

Another concern was using my Google accounts and how much I love them. I love Chrome since it has all my bookmarks and passwords saved. I love Gmail and the setup it has. I love Google Drive and Google Docs and Google Photos. It’s just awesome. I tried to check my email with the app the iPhone provided and within 30 seconds I was like “I’M GOING TO THROW YOU AGAINST THE WALL PRETTY PINK PHONE!” But then I realized that in the transfer, my Google apps had downloaded too. I tried them on the iPhone, and everything works perfectly! So now I’m using all my Google apps instead of the Apple apps and life is good. I’ve basically turned the iPhone into a Google phone.

So what makes it better? I love that I can just sync up my iTunes library and not go through the hassle of transferring music. I like that in iTunes, it shows you a breakdown of what is taking up space on the device. I like how it gives more photo editing options in the general photo app that I didn’t get on my LG. I don’t like that I can’t pause video as I’m recording – or maybe I just haven’t figured that out yet. But there is an app on there called Clips which I think is for editing videos? I’ll have to check it out the next time I do a nail art video. I like that I can set it to send text messages while I’m driving that say I’m driving and I’ll get back to you when I’m not driving anymore. I like that there is no notification light. It helps to distance myself from my phone, and it helps me sleep at night. If I half wake up to change positions and I see that light blinking, I’m going to check it. I like that there is just one home button and not a whole menu at the bottom. I like how easy it was to customize my control screen and to group apps together and to name the folders.

Overall, I’m really loving the phone! And my Moomin case arrived a full week before the earliest delivery date that Amazon gave me! And the other case I ordered (with a more grown up feel and a screen protector included) arrived last night! I’m all set!!

19 thoughts on “2 Week Check-In

  1. I so dislike the Itunes interface! I liked being able to drag and drop my songs on my old droid. What I do now is play music off of my WD personal cloud device, and use the app to access it remotely.

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    • Oooo I only understand like half those words, Rob haha I don’t like that I can’t close the app and still listen to music but I do like being able to see what songs are up next in the shuffle playlist haha


    • Aside from my last few phones dying super fast I’ve never had a problem with google/Android. This purchase was just by accident but I’m happy with it so far! I hope that I continue to be happy with the phone as time goes on


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