The Good and the Bad of the 3’s.

My first week at my new job has come to a close, it’s been hectic and exhausting, in addition to a huge learning curve for me. Which is also why this is being written at 9:30 at night and not being posted at 9am haha. I’ve made a list of some of the good and bad things about working with a 3-year-old. 

Bad things:
-poopy diapers! Gross! I’m kind of sucking on the potty training schedule, and he is very against sitting on the potty, so pull-ups are still a must! The parents are wanting to be in regular underwear by the end of the summer though so we’ll see.
-crying for no reason! I have a saying “little people, big emotions” and that totally fits this little guy. Today he was crying for no reason, for most of the morning. I’m sure he was just exhausted from our week but it still sucks when I don’t know how to comfort him because I don’t know why he’s crying.
-always asking to go home when we are out or trying something new. He’s even started saying he wants to go home when we are in the house.
-Him saying “no” to a LOT of things, or his new favourite is “I’m not happy.” He just grabs his trucks and plays by himself saying “T, I’m not happy with you.” Nothing else. Um, okies..that’s great hunny.

Good things:
-saying he likes spending time with me or having fun with me
-his little hand wrapped around my pinky when he’s unsure or scared
-how he says “T I’m scared!” When we go into the subway
-his giggle, especially when it’s at nothing
-how he always wants to have lunch/snack together. “Hey what do you want for lunch today?” “GRILLED CHEESE!” “Okies dokies artichokies!” “I want you to have grilled cheese too!” So we eat lunch and snacks together. Or we will be having a snack and I’ll get up to get something and all I hear is “T!! Come here!!! QUICK!” so I head back to the table and he’s holding out some of the snacks for me to take and eat.
-how he always checks to make sure I’m coming back the next day. Today was our first Friday so we had to go over the fact that I wasn’t coming tomorrow many many times. I finally told him he has three sleeps until he sees me again. He likes count-downs.
-how he will mimic my actions. He dunked a carrot into some hummus and gave it to me to eat but I was eating my sandwich so I put it on the side of my plate. He told me to eat it so I explained I would after I finished the bite of sandwich I was chewing. He takes a goldfish and dips it into hummus and then lays it on his plate the exact same way
-nap time!! Sweet baby Jesus! Nap time is a blessing and I’m gonna marry whoever invented it. He usually goes down from 12:30-2 which is nice. I get to clean up a little and relax. Once, he went from 12:45-3:20! But that was the most exhausting morning all week.

Of course, we still have our struggles, but he’s honestly so cute, well behaved, and articulate. He is used to having his feeling and opinions heard and I support that 100%. He is given choices as much as possible, and we have lots of fun together. And it’s totally worth it.

Tonight as I was leaving, he had his mom open the front door and he shouted out goodbye one last time and blew me a kiss! I can’t wait to go back on Monday!

6 thoughts on “The Good and the Bad of the 3’s.

  1. Sounds like he’s had a lot of change in his little life and none of it explained to him. I found stories helped a lot. Johnny goes to the shoe shop and then when he has to go asking if he thinks Johnny will be there etc. I wonder if there are any tv shows like bear in the big blue house type thing where they cover using a potty? Mine were through that very early so I was lucky but reward schemes such as stars and a prize for every 5-10 stars helped friends!

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    • There is a lot changing right now but we try to give notice and background as much as possible. They prepped him for my coming and before I leave I’ll tell him what we’re doing the next day so he knows. But also he’s 3 lol its a lot to take in. His preschool has started the potty training a little and the parents were wanting to wait until he was “ready” but he can’t move up classes in preschool if he isn’t potty trained so they are hoping to get it done this summer. We try the potty at least once a day with me but he just doesn’t like it. This first week has been enough of a struggle I didn’t want him upset over that too

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  2. Ugh, so glad mine are past all that potty training stuff. But I do miss the daytime naps. When they stopped napping I rebadged it “quiet time” and they had to stay in their own rooms and have quiet time for as long as I could stretch it out, but usually about 30 mins. Gave me a chance to put my feet up!

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    • Yeah! The first day I could have napped right along with him I was so exhausted lol And when he has days (like Thursday when he napped for almost 3 hours) where he’s just overly emotional and crying a lot I consider taking a nap too but I just chill on my phone and enjoy the quiet haha


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