So I took a vacation

I totally did! And I survived. 

Surviving isn’t really too much of a shock, I just went to my brother’s house in Ottawa and crashed with him for a weekend. It’s nice to have a free place to stay and someone to do touristy things with.

I went from Friday to Monday. I normally rent a car, but in order to keep costs down, and to experience something new, I took the train. I’ve only been on a train once before, in my early 20’s, and it was an overnight train from Vancouver to Edmonton. I was woken up around 5 am on that trip to look at the Rocky Mountains as the sun rose up over them. It was awesome! But I was 19 or 20 and was not impressed with being woken up from a terrible sleep.

The train ride to Ottawa was much better. It’s only 4 hours, and with no traffic to deal with, it’s actually 4 hours. The scenery was amazing and I saw lots of wildlife! Music, the window, and text messages were enough to get me through the 4 hours. The seats were hard, though. So by the end of the 4 hours, my butt was numb and I was itching to get off that train. Also, my tattoos were starting their itchy phase and having my foot in a shoe the whole time was killing me!

Just a quick little breakdown of the weekend:

Friday night I watched Le Brother play softball. I try to come the same time every year (first week in July) so I get nice weather that isn’t too hot and I get to catch at least one of this games. He plays on his church team, and they are pretty decent. Not that I know anything about softball really. His team won, and he got a few home runs. YAY LE BROTHER! Go sports.

Saturday morning I destroyed a coffee mug. It was a gift from me to Le Brother for his birthday in January. I was stirring my coffee and then it felt like the sugar was sticking so I scrapped a little. It wasn’t the sugar, it was the paint…


my bad…

I felt kind of bad because the cup is a heat-changing mug which is really cool.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Saturday was our day of exploring! Since I’ve been to Ottawa so many times, it’s hard to find new and exciting things to do but we had two new things for this weekend. In the morning we went to Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica – which I’ve wanted to see for as long as I can remember! It was awesome. It’s the oldest church in Ottawa and it’s GORGEOUS.

Image result for notre dame in ottawa

image provided via Google search

In the afternoon, we went and had a tour of Rideau Hall, which is the Ottawa residence of the Governor General. She is the representative of the Queen in Canada. But she is Canadian. I’m not going to give you a political lesson, that’s just boring. It’s a beautiful house for dignitaries to visit (I walked where the Queen has walked! THE QUEEN!!) and has a beautiful garden.

Image result for rideau hall

image provided via Google search

Full posts with my own pictures of those two places will be up over the next few days.

Sunday was a little bit less adventurous. We went to church, Le Brother goes to a great church so I like to go when I’m here. Then, we saw The Incredibles 2 which was great! After the movie, we went out to a hobby farm which belongs to one of Le Brother’s co-workers. Le Brother and this friend decided to become beekeepers together. I wanted to see the hives, and Le Brother had to check on his colony so we went.


I’m gonna get some fresh honey! 

It was super interesting to see and his friend even gave us some fresh eggs as we departed. Although, I wasn’t able to enjoy any of them.


awww look at the fresh little eggs!

Monday was just my travel day. Le Brother had a wedding to attend (yes, a wedding, on a Monday, in the middle of July, not even a holiday Monday, at 11am) so he dropped me off at a coffee shop within walking distance to the train station and he went on his way. I had about two hours to kill before my train left but that just meant I had time to blog, and edit pictures, and eat some food before the train ride back.

15 thoughts on “So I took a vacation

    • I know! I was so disappointed! It was a replacement mug for one I bought him a few years ago that he really liked but someone at his work stole it!! So I bought him a new one – it wasn’t as great as the first but it was still pretty cool.


  1. I’m a bit behind but I have to say I’m glad you took a vacation and had a nice time. But can I say: NOOOO THANK YOU TO THE BEEESSSSSSS ok thanks byeeeeeee hahahahahah!!! Yes to the hippos, NOOOOO to all the bees!!! Xoxo

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