Cell Phone Rant

I’m about *this close* to smashing my phone with a hammer and never getting another one.

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Martin, this isn’t working for me right now, OK!?! 

Alright, peeps, I need some serious blog love and advice. So before you read any further, get your thinking caps put on and tie the straps. Sit criss-cross applesauce, have your eyes up front, and pay attention.

To really tell this story, I have to go back to February of 2017 when I got a new phone. I was in love with this new phone. But, as sometimes happens with love, it has turned into regret and disappointment. If you want to skip to the advice part, head down to the **** break in the page.

If you count it out, I’ve had the phone for 16 months. In November, after 9 months, I started to notice a few things that were going a little wonky. Glitches here and there, but things that I could mostly ignore. They didn’t disrupt my life too much.

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Lately, though, it’s been getting to be too much. The fingerprint recognition doesn’t work, the phone won’t recognize my home network, while typing on the keypad it will just randomly slow down and have a solid 15-second delay on what I’m typing or just stop altogether, it won’t connect to my data network so I have to restart the phone. But most importantly: I’m missing text messages.

It started as a random text here or there. Once my boss sent a text for me to pick up the youngest kids from school which I didn’t get but later that afternoon I was texting with her and she said she was going to be 2 hours still. This was already 15 minutes after school let out and I was like “OMG do I have to get the kids?!” “Yes!” Needless to say, there were treats to be eaten later and lots of hugs and “I’m so sorry!!” as I got to the school 45 minutes after school had been dismissed.

Now it’s getting more and more frequent.

I called my phone company back in February over a different problem and had to do a factory reset on my phone. Literally two-days after my one-year mark with this phone. Which meant that I couldn’t get the company to fix it because my warranty was over.

On Thursday, after missing my “you’ve used 75% of your data” and “90% of your data” texts, I get a text from the company saying they are having upgrade promotions right now.

I call them that evening and sit on hold for literally an hour and 5 minutes before getting connected to a real person. He tries to reset some things and has me reset my phone. I start to voice a little concern over all the problems that I’ve had with this phone and how I still have so much to pay off on it because I’m like 8 months out from paying it off (I’m on a 24 month set up). He offers a discount on my next phone if I upgrade before October. So after an hour and a half, I hang up and I am feeling a little bit better.

But whatever he did didn’t fix it. And this weekend has been a nightmare of missed texts. And when I’m trying to send “yes I’m inside the house” text to my parents and brother to let them know I arrived safely for my weekend, or cutesie texts to someone back in Toronto, it’s kind of important that my texts work!


Saturday I had had enough! I was upgrading! Even though I was so over my LG G5, I was considering the G6. I watched a review video and read some reviews online and it seemed ok. But trying to order it was a nightmare! It was $0 because of this promotion and whenever I went to checkout, the site said $100 was owed up front. Um – no.

I once again called their helpline. This time I had them call me back when I was next in line so I didn’t have to stay on hold. The nice guy there had me try sooo many things, log in and out of my account, clear my cart, start again, clear my browser history, he disconnected my second discount thinking that might help. He put me on hold and his team suggested we try doing it without logging into my account.

I logged out, selected the first phone in the list (the G6 was always the first in the list) and since I wasn’t logged in, it gave me the choice of black OR rose gold! SCORE!! When I was logged in, it was only the black! I selected the rose gold (obviously) and then did the checkout. No payment needed!! Success!!! I was so happy! I thanked the guy for his help and hung up happy to be getting a new phone in a cute colour!

Then I got my email confirmation on Sunday. It’s an iPHONE!!!! I didn’t order the LG G6, but an iPhone!! And that’s why it’s in a cute colour!! I tried to go back and order the G6 off the site so I’d have 2 phone delivered to me, but NOOOOO it still says to pay $100. So he didn’t fix ANYTHING! I was not going to go through all of that again.

So now I have a choice: the iPhone will have a better camera which is awesome. I have an iPod already so I know a little bit about the changes from Android to Apple that I will encounter and a few of the frustrating things that Apple doesn’t offer which I will get used to.

The iPhone is coming no matter what, so I can either immediately take it to the store closest to my house and explain all this insanity to them and hope they take it back unopened and give me a G6 without any penalties OR I can just try out the iPhone. I’ve never had an iPhone, it might be good/ok? I’ve had one person already on either side but I need opinions from people. I’m so had at choices like this because I honestly don’t know anything about the technology – except that the iPhone has a better camera. Huge points for it there.

37 thoughts on “Cell Phone Rant

  1. We have iPhone 7s for a year or so now. I don’t find it too different from my previous android other than I don’t love how the photos work. I thought my Android had better editing, etc. but I don’t have any missed messages or anything like that. Could it be the carrier more than the phone?


  2. Wooww ! that’s a lot of suffering for one person.
    Glad you made it out alive and sane.
    I understand the phone problems. Had them for ages.
    As for the new phone, i have an iphone 5s myself. it works fine, but i’ve had for almost 4 years now so it kinda slowed down a little ( a lot. )
    An iphone 6s is good. my friend owns one. and she’s satisfied.

    It will differ from an android to an apple, but you’ll get used to it in no time.
    Enjoy !

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    • Wow – having a phone for almost 4 years sounds insane to me! My last two phones have both died before two years have been up so by the time 2 years is over, I am SO ready for an upgrade. It’s so sad how fast they die. My dad has been having the same problems as well with his Androids and he goes with Samsungs.

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  3. I love my iPhone- it’s a 5S I think- the 4th or 5th I’ve had in a row- so easy to use- you’re young, you’ll learn fast and easy babe! All that really matters is that you get all your texts AND that it’s a pretty colour 😘 xx

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  4. Huge NO from me for iphone. The Hub had one and did not like it at all. If everything else you have is apple it’s probably fine, but when you don’t then not so much. My brother and his family have all switched back from apple as well.

    I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy mini S5 and it’s still going strong (after a string of Samsungs which have all been great). The Hub switched to Motorola from Samsung but isn’t as happy with it and he’s planning on going back to a Samsung.

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    • oh wow! My dad has had a few samsungs and he hasn’t had much luck with them! I do have an ipod and an ipad which both have lasted a long time and are still in good working condition. Thanks for sharing your experiences! It helps a lot to hear different sides 🙂


  5. I’m all about android and would never get an iphone. I have a Motorola Moto G4 plus… and I had a minor issue that fixed itself… I love this phone. I’ve had LG and Samsung, too. Eventually, they all die. But I’ve never been hugely disappointed with an android phone.

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  6. I have an iPhone SE. kinda close to a 6, I think. It’s okay, I’ve never has a different phone. I mean, they’ve all been iPhones, just different models. Sometimes I notice the volume doesn’t work. Like my keys don’t make a clicking sound as I type, can’t watch videos with sound and sometimes the volume voluntarily goes up or down. Mostly down. I shut it down and restart it and it works. But no, I should NOT have to do this. It’s not a big problem, but Since I have no experience with other brands of smartphones I can only tell you my opinion on iPhones. Good luck, it really is a ‘big deal that shouldn’t be a big deal but because we live in this westernized world it is a big deal’ deal. 😊 📱 📲 id prefer the rose gold, too!!

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  7. I’m on the “no to iPhone” side as well. But who know? Maybe you’ll be happy with it.
    What happened to having the same phone for years and years? We spend so much money, and soon enough it’s time to get a new one. It’s so annoying to me.

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    • You’ve made a great point! I had my current phone only 9 months before it started to fail me. I remember my first phone lasted for years! And then I only changed it because I was changing companies (back when it was easier to get a new phone than transfer the phone). It’s one of the reasons that I think I’ve decided to give the iPhone a try. The people who say that they love their iPhone, have had the same model for years and have no regrets. That is really important to me. I’m tired of having to change phones every 18-24 months. It’s such a waste.

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      • I know 2 types of iPhone users. 1 – those who get a new one whenever one comes out. 2 – those who have the same one for a few years. In the case of the latter, they do report a slow down. Software is laggy and the updates are even worse. As if Apple was trying to make you hate it, so you have to go and get the new model.

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  8. Ugh what a pain! I recently changed phones too. I actually hate to change phones because I get comfortable with what I have. But mine had gotten to where it was extremely slow and would only hold a charge for a couple hours. My daughter’s also started messing up and typing random things on her text. Both were just over 2 years old.

    I went with a G7 ThinQ (I’m Android all the way!), but my daughter has always had an iPhone. Only one in our family. So she got another iPhone. I don’t know much about them but hers is Red and I think an 8. She loves it. I probably would love an iPhone too if I ever was forced to switch. I don’t have all that much bad to say about them except that I’m not used to them and I like my Droid. I might be willing to change for a Free Rose Gold one though!

    My biggest issue is that Androids and iPhones don’t always talk to each other well. When I send larger texts to my daughter it breaks them up and they go over out of order. And when she texts me sometimes it will send the text multiple times. 3x is the max for her, but another friend once sent me a text that came over 20 times! That could have been her screwing with me too – but I’m pretty sure it was the phone.

    Good luck with your new phone and enjoy! I’m sure you’ll catch on to the new phone fast and soon be a die hard iPhone user. 🙂

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    • I am the same in that I hate switching because I don’t like learning a new phone haha I get so comfortable with the technology that I have. I will be the only iPhone user in my family as well! After two days of suggestions and shared experiences, I have decided to give it a solid try – and have ordered the cutest case for it! I have always been so jealous of iPhone users because they get super cute cases! My current phone sends multiple messages sometimes too. Never as many as 20 – I think the most reported to me was 3? Its frustrating when technology doesn’t work how we want it to haha

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