Tattoo Touch-ups

Yes, I am back into the ink again! 

I know I said that after my hippo in September, that I would be finished with the tattoos, but life has a funny way of bringing things up, and here we are, 9-months later, and I’m resisting the urge to scratch at my freshly inked wrist because it feels like it’s on fire.

I’m not even sure how quickly my wrist tattoo faded. I’ve had it for 10-years now, and one day I just woke up and it was so pale I could hardly read it! I was so sad! I have promised my dad (3 times now) that I won’t be getting any more new tattoos, but I didn’t say anything about touch-ups. I think once you invest the money into body art, it’s important to keep that work fresh. You don’t just buy a car and then never fix it up when it needs it, do you? Seriously if this is you, please stop. Your car needs attention. 

I went in to talk to the girl who did my hippo and asked about touch-ups. I only wanted my wrist done, but she said their store has a $100 minimum appointment fee, so did I want to touch up other ones as well? Or get a new small tattoo? Just to make the price worth it. I honestly didn’t have any ideas, but she looked at the tattoo on my shoulder and we agreed to touch it up as well.

The one on my shoulder has been touched up once before, and I fainted and had a lump on my head for a few days because of it. It hurt a LOT. Tattooing over an old tattoo is so painful. I didn’t really want to experience that again.

I had a few weeks before my appointment rolled around so I took that time to think about what I wanted to do. I really struggled because I didn’t want to waste the money but I also didn’t want my shoulder done again when I had already come to terms with it being sucky. I thought maybe I could get a butterfly on my empty foot, that way I would have a matching set, but then I would still be getting a new tattoo which I didn’t want.

I had an epiphany the day of my appointment: just touch up my existing butterfly! It wasn’t as badly faded as my wrist, but it is 8ish years old so the black ink isn’t as crisp as it used to be, and since 4th always colours on it, it gets a good scrubbing a lot. So that’s what we did.  My wrist is more pink, and my foot is more black.


you legit can barely see my tattoo in this picture from April. That’s how faded it was.


freshly unveiled and washed! Oh, how the air set it on fire!

4th was over last night and she said that it looks like I have “faith” sewn onto my arm. Which is true, it does! I love the bumpy phase of the healing process. The tattoos feel so weird to touch but it’s super cool.

The only picture I could find of my foot tattoo was the one I posted last week when 4th decided to colour it while we were at the park. It literally took 5 days for the marker to come off – I scrubbed it every night. Probably doesn’t help the tattoo colour but whatever. It’s not as big of a change as my wrist, but still nice to have it all fresh and dark. My artist did try to even out the original work a little bit more, and I think the subtle changes make it look amazing.


slightly faded black


all re-done!

13 thoughts on “Tattoo Touch-ups

    • Aw thanks so much!! I have 3 more after these two. And that sounds so nice!! Although the elbow is HARD to tattoo from what I’ve heard. You’ll have to share if/when you get it done!


  1. I like them! I have one on my back/hip that’s 19 years old. It’s very small and beet faded. Thinking about retouching it up. Got it on Cancun Mexico for my high school senior trip. Good times!!

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  2. Love the butterfly. I recently got my 2nd tattoo. It as a Christmas/Birthday present to myself. I wanted something in black and white with my 3 kid’s birth flowers. The tattoo artist was amazing! I sent over the flowers and examples of things I liked and he designed the entire thing for me. I had said at the time that would be my last tattoo. And the thing hurt like hell and took over 3 hours – so you would think I would stick to that. But no, I’m already thinking about a couple more and trying to decide where I would want them. I was told they are addicting.

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    • Haha they are SO addicting! My hippo hurt so much and the healing process was rough. These touchups were tolerable (the butterfly was a little more painful) and healing hasnt been that bad! Now my brain is all “you got this girl! Book another one” haha but I can’t

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