Online Dating: Guest Blog

OMG! A post two days in a row?! What is happening?! 

So ya’ll know that at the start of June (literally a month ago now) I said I was going to open myself back up to online dating, right? I took a little bit of time to sort some things out and then I did it. I’ve had my profiles open for a little bit now, and then a brilliant idea came to me! I was getting a little annoyed with some idiots who were messaging me and I thought to myself, T…Hot Mess should do this as part of her “How to be a Decent Human Being” series. 

Obviously, I brought this idea up with Hot Mess. As my adopted big sister, she was very supportive! And now the post is finished, and up!

It’s no secret that the world of online dating can be a little bit of a horrible experience. There are too many apps to use, and we’re entered into this weird “swipe right, swipe left” culture that is, frankly, just annoying. However, if you’re like me and wanting to start dating someone but have no time at all to actually find someone to date, online dating has some benefits! And hopefully, you’ll be able to meet someone cute and sweet and go on a promising first date, which leads to a cute ride home, and a very sweet hug and kiss on the cheek. It actually happens! Good guy (and girls) exist out there!

Without further ado, here are my tips on how to be a decent human being while wading through the knee-high waste pile that is online dating.

That’s just a little taste for you! I really encourage you to go over to Hot Mess‘s blog and read the whole thing by clicking here. Do you agree with me? Are those things that you look out for as well? Lemme know! Let Hot Mess know! And then check out the rest of her blog. I might be a little bias but she is hilarious! You’ll love her!

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