Another Installment

A hot beverage anyone? 

Ok – straight up truth time ya’ll: I completely forgot about this blog all weekend. Not posting every day is great because I can craft a post and then schedule it, but then it’s not so great because I tell myself that I have time because I don’t have to post for a few days. And that has not worked in my favour the last few days. My time has been reallocated in another place currently, and blogging has taken a back seat.

So what is a blogger to do?! Fill this post with mugs from Pinterest, obviously. Enjoy!

We'd Be A Normal Couple Coffee Mug

All I Need Is Mascara And Caffeine Girly Mug Unique Coffee Mug Coffee and Mascara Hairstylist Gift Gold Home Office Desk Accessories

Funny Coffee Mug Grown Woman Mug Coffee Mug by OhHelloSugarGifts


Funny Womens Mug, funny womens gift for girlfriend mug, girly mug, cool gift for bestfriend, best friend gift, super cali sexy coffee mug

What’s A Queen Without Her King Mug | Feminist mug available in our Etsy store,

Funny Coffee Mug Funny Mug Gift for BossFunny Coffee

Sounds Like Not My Problem Funny Mug Gift Sarcastic Office Work Joke Gag Coffee Cup

I'm A Hockey And Coffee Kinda Girl

Image result for chapters canadian as puck mug

This one is actually provided via and I just purchased it a few weeks ago and I love it! 

Happy drinking!

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