Nail Art Sunday: Two Tone Summer Nails

It’s been a solid 6-weeks, but I’m back with a new design and horrible quality youtube video for you! 

I’m trying out new angles with my camera, trying to get the best shot of me working on my nails but also hide my face, and it’s a little difficult. Maybe next time it’ll be better. This time you get my music and my arm. Great camera work on my part! Sorries.

But on to the nails! Thanks to all those who voted, I loved the design that you chose. Someone was a little upset that their vote wasn’t the winning one so I might not hold a vote for the next post and use that design instead. Can’t have any cranky pandas around here!

Definitely watch the video that I made for you. It will be of no help whatsoever because you can’t see what I am doing. That’s the best part of these posts, isn’t it? My horrible videos, right? Haha! Anyways, click play. it’s 13-minutes! WOOHOO, I try to keep them under 15. I really do.

Now onto the pictures! Here is the inspiration:

Nail Art Tutorial: Dandelion Dots

And my finished product:


Pretty good, right?! I’m so impressed and so in love. I liked the look of the blue so I kept it, and the peach is a nice colour and it’s shimmery with glitter as well. It is a little weird to have each hand be a different colour but it’s ok. I’m getting used to it. And I really took my time and didn’t even have to use my clean-up brush for my skin once. I totally crushed this design!

Just as a little extra bonus for you, because it’s Canada Day (happy 151st birthday Canada!) I have another picture for you! It was the last day of school for my kidlets on the 28th and 2nd wanted her nails done. She wanted a summery design of watermelons. We were out all of Wednesday when we planned to do them, and they should have taken about an hour or longer with proper drying time, but we smashed them out in about 40 minutes. Not too bad for rushing and being sloppy!


So, I just decided while writing this that we’ll skip the design poll next Friday, but I’ll see you guys in two weeks with a new video! Hopefully from a better angle haha.

12 thoughts on “Nail Art Sunday: Two Tone Summer Nails

  1. Great job, even on your dominant hand! I like the colors. I want to see your tattoo better. 😆 I saw it a bit. Also, I was jamming to your soundtrack/music in the background. 🎼 🎶 💥 👊🏼

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    • My right hand is easier than my left! And it helps to use rest your painting hand on your being-painted hand for support. Plant your elbow on the table for support as well. My left hand is always a little bit more messy than my right, but that’s ok hehe


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