Summer is almost here!

My last week has been a little bit cray-cray. I’m just going to break it down for you. 

First, let’s start with the kidlets. My heart is almost breaking with my kidlets! Wednesday was 1st’s grade 8 graduation. I felt so out of place because it was at a Catholic school and I only go to mass at Christmas with my work family (baptist over here!). On top of that, it was all in French. Je ne parle pas français.

All four kidlets finish school on Thursday. This Saturday is my last day working there so we’re going out for lunch and having a board game afternoon. The mom suggested a few other things we could do, all of them would have been really expensive if 5 or 6 people were going. But I really just enjoy spending time with them. Eating a meal all at the same time (which literally NEVER happens) and then just hanging out? That’s the best day I could ask for.

The students are finishing up their year too! Graduation ceremonies were last week for those who are in grade 12. At least for 3 of the 5 who are finishing. I’m not sure when the ceremonies are for the other 2. Since all the students were finished school last week, they can now start to go home. I took one to the airport on Saturday, and will probably be helping out with airport runs this week as they are needed. The three girls that live in the house with me are in the middle of packing. The first to leave will go today. The next on Saturday. Also on Saturday, the remaining girl will move to the other house. She has to stay all of July and doesn’t want to be in this house by herself. I thought I’d have the house to myself for the whole summer but it looks like there will be guests here the last two weeks of July. So almost the whole summer.

Since I finish work on Saturday, I do have a few things planned for my two weeks off. The first week will be full of touristy things here in Toronto. Going to markets and galleries and stuff that I haven’t gone to because I’m a lazy bum. Then I’ll be spending four days with Le Brother in Ottawa – taking the train this time! I’ve never taken the train there before so I’m very excited. We already have the weekend planned out because I’m a planner. So I plan things. Way in advance. The second week will be adjusting my sleep schedule for my new job and having a visit from the BFF-R. She’s on holidays that week too! It’s perfection.

Lastly, ya’ll know I’ve started up my online dating profile again. It’s been a while since I said I was going to (almost a month I think?) and I used my favourite site to do it. But they’ve changed how it works since I was last using it and it SUCKS. I hate it! I have messages from people that I know exist but I haven’t been able to find them. I have started talking to a few interesting people, but no one who has survived past a few days. I’ve started to branch out onto other sites. Does anyone else know exactly the connection they are looking for with a person and if it doesn’t show up after a day of communicating just be like “naw sorry, I’m done”? Or is that just me?

And of course, I’m writing a whole novel here BUT I’m starting up a solid two months of nail art designs! I have a poll up right now (you can find it here). Right now there is a clear leader (the pink/blue design), so if you want to have a say in how my fingers look for two weeks, go and vote. You can vote as many times as you want, for as many designs as you want (literally you can pick all 4 during one vote) so feel free to express yourself!

Also – still writing my novel! And working on this blanket for 1st. The blanket has got to be done before I start my new job. I’m also not allowing myself to get sucked into my novel until it’s done.

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