Nail Poll!

I know ya’ll have been waiting for it (or at least a few of you) so here it is! A nail art poll!Β 

In exactly eight days I will be finished working with my regular family for the summer. Which means I won’t be washing dishes for a combined total of 2 hours or more every day. This means my nails are going to be done all summer long! The only issue is that I love so many designs and I have no idea which one to choose so you need to help me. Here are this week’s contenders:

Geometric Nail Design For Cute Nails.jpg

Nail Art Tutorial: Dandelion Dots

13 Super Cute and Stylish Nail Designs For This Season | Fashionte #HolidayNails

As always, if you like a design but not the colours, I can change that up. I have 42 different colours so most likely if you suggest something, I can do it.

The poll is going to stay open for one week, until June 29th. You can vote as many times as you want, for as many designs as you want. You can vote for more than one choice each time! So vote for all of them at once if you feel like it! But also maybe don’t because that doesn’t help me.

Can’t wait to see what my nails are going to look like!


14 thoughts on “Nail Poll!

    • HAHA you totally can vote for the other two that you like! πŸ™‚ I set it up so that you can vote for as many as you like on one ballot, and you can even go back and vote more if you *really* want one design to win lol

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