Nail Polish Review @SallyHansen

I tried a new polish, and I’m going to share my experience with you guys! 

Last week as I was picking up a new nail file, I was trapped by the nail polish stand at my local drug store. I’m always trapped by it. Especially when they have all of those sale stickers up and down the rows of polish bottles. There was one that really caught my eye: buy two get one free. ONE FREE?! Um, heck to the yes – I was so jumping on that bandwagon. I didn’t go in for nail polish but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t leaving without any. I’m getting back into regular polish instead of gel now. It’s weird but it’s also my addiction and I’m not going to apologize for it. I could be addicted to meth – this is better.

I picked up a nice blue, a glitter, and a deep fuschia. Since I was later put on strict instructions from my doctor to keep off my foot for the weekend, I decided it would be the perfect time to try the polish out and share my opinions with all of you lovely people.

First of all, let’s get this out of the way: this post is in no way sponsored by Sally Hansen (although if they want to hook me up, I am totally down). These opinions are not influenced by the company, or anyone else, in any way. They are my own. 

Logistics done! Let’s get down to business.

I decided to use the blue and glitter for my nails. I had outfits planned for events over the weekend and the blue fit better than the fuschia. The product is called Complete Salon Manicure, and on the back of the bottle, it claims that you just need to apply two coats. No base coat, no top coat. Just the polish in the bottle.


I loved the way the colours looked through the bottle. They were bright and vibrant. Just what I like on my nails! And I wasn’t sure if the glitter was silver or gold. It’s actually kind of both depending on the light.

The next thing I look for in a polish is the brush.


This brush was amazing. The lid has a nice rubbery bit on the end there, which makes it super comfortable to hold. Plus, the rubber grippy gives the fingers a little bit of something to stick so there is less of a chance that you’ll drop it on your white-ish couch which isn’t really yours but your employer’s and then you’d be in big big trouble. So if that is a concern for you, then this is a good polish handle to have. As for the brush itself, the post was flat, which I love. And the bristles were wide and flat as well. I love a flat applicator! It’s so much better than a round, thin one. The tip of the applicator was also just slightly tapered so it got in around my nail bed without making a super gross mess.

Onto the actual application of the polish. The bottle says 2 coats and that’s it. So I didn’t put on a base coat. The polish was a nice consistency (not too watery, not too thick), and easy to apply. I made my first coat was super thin and by the time I was finished all 10 nails, it was ready for a second go.


Some polishes don’t take very well to a second coat. This polish was not one of those polishes. The second coat went on very smoothly. I put it on a little bit thicker this time.


In all honesty, I probably could have stopped at 2 coats. But I was hoping for a little bit more colour definition than it gave me (probably because my first coat was so thin) so I went for a third. Because my second coat was thicker than the first, I waited about 10 minutes to apply the third coat. And it turned out amazing!


Once again, the colour went on flawlessly. I didn’t clean up the edges and look how clean my skin is. Usually, I have to do a major clean up before taking a picture, and most of the credit for this goes to the awesome brush applicator and the consistency of the polish. The polish actually dried a little darker than the pictures are showing, though. But it’s amazing. I love it.

I let the nails dry for about thirty minutes, gave them the classic “touch test” and I was all set! I didn’t get any fingerprints embedded into the polish, nothing smudged, it was all good.

I’ve had the polish on for a few days now and it’s still going great. I’ve been doing my own dishes without gloves on and did a full clean of the house this morning (even pried off a sink stopper sans-gloves) and there are no chips. One of my nails even ripped and you can’t even tell. You know how when a nail rips, it usually has that ugly edge where the nail polish ripped off that should have stayed? That did not happen. I did go to work today and after washing dishes for about an hour with and without gloves, there’s some chipping happening but that’s after three days of wear.

Overall, I am so impressed with this! It really is lasting just like if I had gone and paid for a manicure. I am amazed! The nails did lose a little bit of their shine after the first day, a top coat would have probably given them a glossier look, but honestly, I don’t even care.

So I fully support this product! For those wanting to know, the colours I used were 521/550 Blue My Mind and 381 Gilty Party. I also purchased 425/499 Jewels of the Trade but it’s not shown here.

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