The Most Boring Three Days


Yes, I realize that it’s not Tuesday or Friday, or a nail art Sunday post, but I am so freaking bored right now.

Shall I catch you guys up?

After an emotional rollercoaster of a week, I woke up Thursday morning feeling pretty awesome. All the crap and emotions from the last five days were behind me, and it was finally starting to look all cupcakes and rainbows again.

I did my regular morning routine: breakfast for the students who live in the house with me, a little bit of cleaning the house and the kitchen, and then got ready to go out grocery shopping. I left the house just as my kidlets were being driven to school so I even got to wave goodbye to them as I headed for the bus stop.

As I was approaching the bus stop (I live right on a corner, so I cross to the other side of the road, and then cross again. It’s literally that close) my right foot starts to hurt. I think “This is because I’m not used to wearing these shoes and I was running last night with one of the dogs, it’s totally fine”. I get up to the grocery store and the walking around is a little bit of a discomfort, but nothing too big. Then, because I’m a genius, I decide to walk home. The next bus was due in 16 minutes and it takes 12 to walk. It was a GORGEOUS day so I walked home. By the time I got home, I was in SO. MUCH. PAIN!

I could hardly put any pressure on my right foot, and a lump had started to form. I called my boss to let her know and asked which hospital I should go to. I could have gone to my regular doctor but I could tell this was more involved than just a doctor’s office visit. I downloaded the Uber app onto my phone and went to the hospital my boss recommended. After getting checked in, they had me get x-rays and then I waited another TWO HOURS to see a doctor. I got annoyed at waiting so long and asked how much longer it was going to be and was seen immediately. I was in the hospital for four hours! By this time I was exhausted, in so much pain, and so hungry. As soon as I asked how much longer, I was seen right away. There were literally four people just chilling behind the nurse’s station and all of them jumped to help me once I asked. How much longer would I have been sitting there if I hadn’t hobbled myself over to the nurse’s station to ask?!

Thankfully, nothing was broken in my foot like I thought. I couldn’t walk on it, or wiggle my toes so I was really concerned. It’s just a hematoma, which is just a super bad bruise where the blood hasn’t been able to be absorbed back into the muscle tissue – hence the lump on my foot putting pressure on my muscles and making it super painful. I was told to go home, elevate my foot and put ice on it, rotating on and off every 10 or 20 minutes.

I got home at 3, finally had food and water for the first time since breakfast, and rested for the remainder of the evening. I was visited by the two other ladies that I work with as they were going home, and then 4th came in to check on me after her soccer game.

Friday was my day off, thank goodness! My boss checked on me in the morning and I gave her more of a detailed explanation of what was going on. I did nothing else but sit on my couch with my ice pack and my foot up on pillows. I was hoping that it would be ok today, but it’s not. It’s getting better for sure, but it’s just going sooooo slowly!!! I can walk with ease for a little bit but then it starts to hurt again. My boss checked in again last night and said I would probably need today off as well. I didn’t want to lose 2 days of work in one week, but I’m glad she suggested it. I would have been too stubborn to ask for it off myself. She needed someone to be driving, and since this is my driving foot, it wouldn’t have been safe. But she did some rearranging and it all worked out. I’m glad! It gives me a little less anxiety over not being around over the summer.

But now, here I sit. With my foot propped up and an ice pack making my foot so cold that it hurts. This is the last day that I’m doing this. I am going out of my mind with boredom! I can’t do this for another day. Somebody save me!

19 thoughts on “The Most Boring Three Days

    • It’s getting better! Woke up to no pain this morning when I stepped out of bed!! There is still a little lump there, so after church I’ll walk the 5-minutes (or take the bus one stop) down the street and chat up my doctor about it. And I did my nails on Friday!! There will be a review up on Tuesday 😉 I didn’t realize you were so into my nail art videos haha! I’ll get right on that!

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  1. Feel better soon! Y’all still have school this time of year? Or is this college kids ? I’m in New Orleans making part time pretty good cash. My first time as a food delivery driver. A service called wait’r. People order from restaurants and I go to said restaurant and then deliver the food. It’s a lot of driving but kinda fun and I like the extra money. Hope you’re able to get back on your feet soon-pun Intended! 😊

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    • Foot is doing so much better! The kids will be out of school on the 25th. University and college are alreadu done – exams are in April so they have May-Sept off. But Kindergarten to grade 12 are in school until the end of June. That sounds like an interesting job!! I just don’t have a car haha

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      • It’s very interesting and a bit stressful. But I do it to myself. Learned a few tips tonight from a fellow driver. Glad for that. What time does school aged/high school children go back to school? We have school August through May. It used to be mid to late August but recently it’s been pushed forward toooo damn early!! Just curious how y’alls school year goes….. 🤔

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        • Haha we started the first Tuesday in September. Right after Labour Day and go until the end of June. We get two weeks off in December for Christmas and a week off in March for spring break and then all the holidays and teach development days too lol

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  3. Oh my little hippo!!!! I’m a bit behind so I would imagine you’re much better now?! I deal with patients who get hematomas all the time and it’s no fun. Being unable to walk much or do much drives me INSANE! Hope you’re getting the things done now. Hugs!!!

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