Did You Vote?

For those of you who might not know, on June 7th, there was an election in Ontario for our Premier. 

This election was gaining a lot of heat because our last Premier basically trashed our economy. She was, of course, running again as the party leader, but before the end of the campaign, she resigned as leader. The official opposition was led by the brother of the former mayor of Toronto. Some of you might have remembered him from his crazy antics that even got him on the Jimmy Kimmel show! Rob Ford was his name, and apparently snorting cocaine was his game.

For most people, those are the only two parties that matter: the Liberals (who were already in power) and the conservatives. There are other parties as well, NDP (New Democratic Party) which is our socialist party. The Green Party which supports environmental issues, Independents, and some others. Sometimes it’s a real mish-mash of parties depending on where you are voting.

I kind of hate when people ask me who I support because I honestly can’t decide on one party. I am very much in favour of the NDP, but after their party leader died a few years ago, I haven’t really been trusting it. He was famous and made the party what it is today. Their platform for Ontario had great ideas but lacked the implementation process to really make it work.

Then we come to Liberals and Conservatives. Liberals, being in power, got a lot of my negative judgement this time. Four years ago in the last election, I voted Liberal. Mostly because they are very teacher-friendly, and I was just in my first year as an actual licensed teacher in Ontario, AND on the cusp of a second teacher’s strike in less than 2 years.

I generally support a Conservative platform over a Liberal one. Liberals tend to be higher on the taxation increases. But I also hardly ever get the chance to vote Conservative. For many years, the riding I lived in was a very Liberal community and I knew the incumbent personally (and worked with her son) and she was amazing, so she got my vote.

But then this year came around, and I lacked all ambition or interest in the election. Coming from someone who spent five years of her life earning a degree in political science, this was a shock. I love elections! When I turned 18, it was an election year and just a few short weeks after my birthday I was one of the first people in line at the polling station.

Not this year. This year I could care less. And I’m going to admit that I didn’t even vote. Yeah – that’s how much I didn’t care. Didn’t. Even. Vote.

Part of it was because I couldn’t see myself fully supporting any of the 3 main parties. I’m so disengaged from politics right now, especially after what the Liberals did to our province over the last four years. I didn’t want to support the brother of Mr. Cocaine, who basically made Toronto a laugh-stock all around the world. And the NDP, well they just lacked so much this time around.

In past years, even if I have felt like not support any party, I’ve still voted. If a party gets at least 2.5% of the vote (that number might be wrong, it’s been a while since I was in any sort of political class), then they get $2 (again, number could be wrong) for every vote they received in order to help fund their next campaign.

I think that’s pretty awesome!! So in past years, when I was feeling rather disheartened with the whole process, I would go and vote for the party I hoped would be better the next time around. Then I could at least be happy in the fact that they were benefiting from my vote. It was so bad that I didn’t even feel like doing that this year!

I’m not sure what exactly is up with me lately, but I’m over this disconnect with things that matter. It’s starting to get annoying.

18 thoughts on “Did You Vote?

  1. My observation about politics is that there is so very little between the parties. I think that’s part of the reason of the vitriol towards Trump. He’s not part of either team and they don’t want non-members as part of their exclusive gig.


    • It’s the same up here, sometimes there isn’t too much different between the platforms that the parties put forward. And especially when you start seeing 4 or 5 different parties on a ballot, sometimes it can get super confusing and overwhelming. I wish we had a smaller number of choices, but then I also like that we have to many. I’m so wishy-washy on things lately GAH


  2. I feel like politicians aren’t even real people anymore. They’re just a cutout of what they think we like. Do they really live in our communities and know everything that’s going on, or are they shut away at work all day coming to conclusions on their own? I just want a person who sounds real when they talk.

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  3. We voted today, too, primaries. The candidate I voted for wants to improve healthcare (presently 13 counties in my state don’t even have OBGYNS) and education, plus legalize medical marijuana. I don’t often find someone to get behind firmly (so much as voted for them because they aren’t as bad as the other person), so this one felt good.

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  4. I always find overseas election talk hurts my head because the parties never make sense (I’ve had it explained but because it’s so different I just can’t seem to retain it). For us the Liberals are a conservative party and the other major party are the Labor party – so Liberals = right and Labor = left. You guys have a Conservative party and a Liberal party and they are opposing **head hurting again**. It’s also compulsory to vote here so everyone heads to the polling booth.

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    • I LOVE that it’s compulsory for you! Here only like 50% of voters actually vote. And I am sad to say I was not one of them this year but I just was so meh about it. But I wish that it was compulsory for us, then it wouldn’t be an issue haha I would have had to have gone.

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  5. I have to agree with you! I did end up voting &this was by far the hardest election to vote. I mean they say that young adults could have made a difference but there was no right choice!

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