Summer-time Schedules

Can you believe it’s June already?! 

I can’t! I don’t want it to be summer! I’m not ready for summer. Mostly I’m not ready for the hot, humid, sticky weather. Gross.

This summer I’m making some major changes in my life. The first is that I’ll be starting a new job. Not a permanent job! But a new one all the same. The family I work for usually has students all school year and then in the summer, they have groups of students who come for a few weeks or a month or all summer. Last summer we had an au pair as well! And a few weeks in, we had another au pair come to stay with us because her family kicked her out and she had nowhere else to go.

Now the great thing about all these people living in the two (now three) houses, is that they all pay rent to be here. That rent translates to income for the family, which in turn becomes my income. It’s a nice system – because, let’s be honest, I like getting paid for doing my job.

But this summer, the mom wanted to take a break from all the chaos. Who can blame her?! She’s had more people than just her family living in her home for something like 6 years straight. Can you even imagine? I can’t.

I’ll be finishing with this family June 30th, and starting with another family on July 16th. I’ve mentioned this before – I’ll be caring for a 3-year-old. Just one little child – and I’m super anxious and nervous about it. But I’ve totally got this. It’s gonna rock! The parents just contacted me today and I’m actually going to be babysitting the little guy on Saturday so that’ll be fun too!

Anyhoo – since I’ll be switching jobs and flipping my schedule (working 8-5 instead of 2:30-8:30), I’m changing my posting schedule as well. After my break, I decided I needed to scale back a little bit. For the foreseeable future, I will be posting at 9am on Tuesdays and Fridays, as well as a random Sunday here and there (fewer dishes means more Nail Art Sundays!) I’m really enjoying having the freedom to write a post, schedule it, and then go back and add/edit it before it goes up.

One other thing that I’m going to be changing is, maybe, my relationship status. After Mr. Potential and Mr. Wonderful (who turned out to be cray), I took a little bit of time off from guys. I moved kind of quickly from Mr. Potential to Mr. Wonderful (just because of the how the relationship with Mr. Potential ended) so it was needed I think. Even with taking that little break, I’ve probably been emotionally ready to start something since Christmas. Although not mentally. Like I could totally have started something but I just didn’t want to, ya know? Does that make sense? I wasn’t heartbroken or still healing or anything, I just needed a break.

Well, now I’m ready for my break to be over. I miss being in a relationship, and I definitely want that again. I think I’m just at that time in my life where I want a relationship. One that could possibly lead to marriage. And, I know this will come as a total shock and if any of you tell my mother I’m going to hunt you down and punch you in the face with a chair, I maybe want kids too. That is literally a 100% change from this time last year. I’m not sure what changed it, but I’m embracing it. I could totally have one…one at the very most.

So sometime soon, probably in a few weeks when school is winding down for the kids and I’m about to have a few weeks off before my new job, I’m going to reopen my online dating profile and see where the summer takes me. The hardest part is actually just re-opening the profile. It’s still there from last fall when I disabled it after meeting Mr. Wonderful, so it’s not like I have to re-create it from nothing. But still, it’ll need some work.

What about you guys? Any exciting plans for the summer?

26 thoughts on “Summer-time Schedules

  1. Possibly meeting Charles Esten (from the show Nashville) on Saturday. Other than that nothing majorly fun planned. Though if things work out, then I fully plan on taking a small vacation. Just a mini one. And finally upgrading my phone! But for now, nothing major planned.

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  2. On the bottom side of the world we’re in winter (6 days in, 84 days to go…not that I’m counting *wink*). Short, cold days don’t exactly make me excited.

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      • Depends where in Oz you live, but where I live, our winter days (if my conversion from celcius to farenheit is correct) sit on average around 48 to 53’F and nights 23 to 32’F.

        I know it isn’t as cold as parts of the US, but I would think that would be cold enough! (I used to live somewhere that had a winter min to max of 57’F to 75’F – that’s a warm winter).

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  3. Good news all around T – I’m happy for you!! yay 😀 I don’t have anything exciting for the summer, I’m going to take it as it is. I’d love to take the little guy swimming though

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  4. I’m so excited for you T! It all sounds fabulous; Change is good, and you seem to be embracing it big time. More than anything though, you sound clear and grounded, which I reckon is the perfect state to be in to attract someone similar… relationships can bring such joy and growth, so I’m delighted you’re feeling ready for dating… and you know we will all give you great advice as you go through it 🙂 Congrats on getting yourself to such a good place xx G

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    • Aww thanks so much G! I’m looking forward to it but then also not because online dating can be a nightmare hehe. I might not post as much as I did last summer about it but there will be updates. I wonder why I’m always starting it in the spring/summer haha strange

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