Adult Conversations

It’s about time for one of the rarest types of posts on my blog. The kind where, before continuing on with my post and ideas, I have to be all legit for a quick second. *clears throat*

The following post will contain ideas and subject matter of an adult-ish nature. If you are not an adult, or are easily offended, or just not the type of person who can read adult-ish content and have a respectful conversation about an adult topic, please pass this post by. 

Okies, we good? Good. 

Just to be honest, and straight with you all, my weekend was kind of filled with websites for sex toys. You know the drill: a friend of a friend is getting married, bachelorette party shenanigans, etc. In the midst of offering my opinion to a friend (one from a group of friends who would regularly have a “new toy shopping day”) a thought popped into my head and I had a mini-panic attack.

What if my boss sees my website history?!

Now in all fairness, this usually wouldn’t be an issue. But since I live with teenagers who are under my boss’s care, she sometimes will check the website list just to make sure that everything is up to her standards. I work for a very religious family so certain things are just not ok under their roof for the students. Some of the rules apply to me as well just because I am a role model for the girls living in this house, but not everything.

The point is, why was I freaking out over having to explain why the website would show up? It’s a simple explanation. I already gave it to you folks. And are sex toys really all that taboo in 2018? I don’t think so. But maybe I have a skewed worldview?

I live in this middle ground between two polarizing worlds. One world where friends have new toy shopping days, and another world where a friend literally would not kiss a boy until she was married. Yup – it totally happened. Her first kiss was on her wedding day. Which I don’t really understand since I find first kisses to be kind of awkward sometimes. My most recent first kiss was awkward – he was wearing a hat, which hit me in the face, we both tilted our heads the same way, we were sitting on a bench and the way I had pulled my one leg up to be comfortable made my face higher than his…To quote pitch perfect, it was aca-awkward

snl sister GIF

And then it wasn’t. But it took a solid few seconds to get to not awkward.

Like all the more power to my friend for waiting that long to have her first kiss, but I don’t think I could have done that. But then I know plenty of people who wouldn’t choose what I have and keep sex for probably just one person. We all have our own preferences and choices and that’s totally ok.

I just find it a little bit silly that it’s still all hush-hush over sex toys. Like I said, maybe I just live in the middle of this weird little bubble of “super not religious vs super overly religious” people? I’m not sure.

10 thoughts on “Adult Conversations

  1. I think certain subjects will always reflect world/local/society “views”. The overwhelming views focusing more on the subject of how taboo or wrong such things are. I think it will always be this way. At least I don’t see it changing for any foreseeable future.

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  2. I don’t think it’s wrong, and I think your boss would understand seeing it, but I think it’s important to try to limit if the kids see it- so keep it in Incognito mode or erase the history. if your boss has access to the history even in incognito mode and sees that you’re being responsible and limiting kids exposure it makes it all the more explainable .

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