Random Hiatus Thoughts

Well, it’s been a week and I somehow survived! I’m not sure how, but here we are.

During my week-long hiatus from NLFF, I had a few thoughts I wanted to share with you all that I just didn’t want to forget so I made a little note of them for you. I jotted them down on my phone as they happened, but I’m not sure what some of them are referring to anymore (some are pretty obvious), but it’s the thought that counts right?

  • I’m not going to last a whole week without blogging
  • I can totallyย check my email
  • Why am I checking my email?
  • I might as well clear my notifications
  • Ugh – I hate calling for appointments…why do phones exist? I hate talking on the phone
  • Did she seriously just say that to me?
  • Wooo threading appointment didn’t result in tears! Can’t remember the last time it did. Awesome pain tolerance!
  • This is why we have so many melt-downs…
  • I have been betrayed by my bright orange capris…WHY Satan’s panties – WHY!!
  • I hate checking my blood-pressure, it’s such a pain
  • I love that I’ve lost more weight but did my boobs really need to get smaller in the process? Did they actually get smaller? This saddens me greatly. Goodbye old friends.
  • Well…I instantly regret that choice…
  • I want a freaking cigarette…but I have to go to work…if I make it through work the craving will be gone…I’m not buying a whole pack just to have literally 2 puffs and feel sick for 2 days. That’s not happening.
  • JUST SAY WHAT YOU FREAKING MEAN! I can’t read your mind! Just be honest with me OMG
  • Aww waking up from nightmares means you get hugs? Why don’t I get hugs when I wake up from a bad dream?
  • I should not have eaten so many candies
  • 5 squares down, 10 to go. I’m never going to finish
  • I need to really stop…
  • Seriously?! SERIOUSLY?!? I can’t believe I just had to read that with my own eyes. What am I supposed to say to that?
  • I can’t believe I got sucked into this, I am so stupid
  • I’m scared, you’re scared, we’re all scared! Isn’t that the point? Take the leap, and just see what happens!
  • Do I really wanna start that again? Do I? Think about it, T!
  • I can’t believe I actually finished. Wow. First time for everything!
  • I want another tattoo and I’m not going to tell anyone where it is or when I get it and someone will find it eventually as a surprise
  • Note to self: leave more time between eating and doing an ab workout, I think I’m going to throw up
  • Also: inflate exercise ball more – it’s too unstable to kneel on while in a balance-ball walking plank
  • Also also: haha future T is going to hate you for this
  • That wasn’t as much fun without someone yelling at me in Korean.
  • I don’t want to wait until Friday for my new dress to arrive!
  • When did I start liking sundresses? I’m not that kind of girl!
  • Why doesn’t this have pockets? Phones are too big now to carry in my bra…

Apparently, it’s been a stressful week? haha!

I can’t say that I’ve particularly enjoyed this week off, but I have definitely needed it. I took the time to really evaluate what I wanted to do here, and what kind of blog I want to be running. I tried to take stock of how my blogging time was being spent and where my energy was going to, and there might be some changes around here.

I read most of your posts since I get them emailed to me. But I have to admit, Saturday morning I hadn’t checked in about two days and I had too many emails to read before work so I just deleted them all. Sometimes ya just gotta hit delete, ya know? There were a few posts that I wanted to comment on but I had to stop myself as part of my break. That was the hardest part! Not commenting on your blogs.

Oh, and I read all of your comments on my blog over the last week and was really touched. For those who wanted to know: a peep is a male, and a meep is a female. Get it? Instead of “boys and girls”? Hehe! So to all my peeps and meeps, I love you!


33 thoughts on “Random Hiatus Thoughts

  1. Welcome back!! I also hate talking on the phone. I’m so thankful for texting and apps like Kakao Talk. On the phone I never know how to end a conversation without it sounding like “I don’t want to talk to you anymore” haha.


    • oh no! hehe It depends on who I’m talking to and why with the phone. Adult things like appointments or calling about my credit card or whatever are the worst. I have to force myself to do that.


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