A little break

Peeps and Meeps!

Just a little heads up that this blog will be going silent for a little bit. I’ve been struggling lately with ideas to write about and feeling stressed over not writing but then not wanting to write about nothing and feeling stressed about that. I haven’t had the time to make the commitment to the blogs I follow as I would like and then I feel stressed about that.

So for at least a week, there will be no posts, no comments – total radio silence. But I still love you all, and I will be back! Pinky promise.



19 thoughts on “A little break

  1. oh I feel like this every DAY! But then I stress about even thinking about taking a break HAHAHA what a shit show! GIRL DO IT! Enjoy your time off! You’ll be back and better than ever!


  2. Look forward to your return, sometimes a wee break is all you need! I’ve been the same, nothing to write about and not having time to read and comment on on my faves either!


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