Satan’s Panties

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Do you guys remember Cheryl from Miss Congeniality? I loved her. She was so sweet and innocent. She reminds me of myself sometimes. Most of the time actually.

During the movie, Gracie (Sandra Bullock’s character) is sent to ask Cheryl about her criminal past and Cheryl reveals to Gracie that she once stole a pair of red underwear when she was younger. Her parents were very religious and wouldn’t buy them for her – stating that they were “Satan’s panties”. They were something that she really wanted to wear but was told she couldn’t.

Are we all caught up now? Good stuff!

Today, I bought my own version of Satan’s panties.

For anyone who is a plus-sized human, there areΒ lots of rules about what we can or can not wear. Polka dots for example! I LOVE POLKA DOTS!! But I am always told not to wear them because they will make me look bigger. Or horizontal stripes, because they will make me look wider, or busy prints, or short skirts, or dresses higher than your knees, or tight bodycon dresses, or shorts, or heels because they will make your calves look fat, or leggings, or this or that.

Quite frankly, I hate it. For serious! If I find something that I feel like I look amazing in, I’m going to wear it. *She says as she points to the polka dot shirt, and the long-sleeved sweater with the horizontal strips, and the numerous pairs of leggings, and the fit and flares out at the knee dress, and the cute sundresses,Β and the bodycon dress in her closet*

But today, I faced my irrational fears, and society induced (and honestly mom induced) fashion rules and I bought something that I have been wanting to buy forever. My very own Satan’s panties!

Bright. Pinky-orange capris.

Now, this may not be a very intense thing for most people, but I have had the idea that plus-sized humans need to wear darker bottoms so they look slimmer drilled into myΒ brain for my entire life. And I have held firm to that for so long. Last year I branched out and got khaki coloured shorts, but only one pair to mix in with my otherwise darker shaded options.


Oh no! Bright pinky-orange, kinda coral? I’m not even sure. And guess what – they are leggings! HA! Take that!! Two fashion rules with one purchase. Well, they are “jeggings” but they are a brand that I love and they are so freaking comfortable. And I’m going to wear them tomorrow.

I also ordered this amazing fit and flare dress off of Amazon from a birthday gift card (thanks P-to-that-atti!) and I can’t wait for it to come in and hug all my curves and be adorable and watch me look auh-mazing in it!

I refuse toΒ  let society tell me that I need to be ashamed of my body and hate how it looks when I can feel amazing, walking with this much confidence down the sidewalk:

haters gonna hate GIF by Cheezburger

If no one has told you yet today, you are fine as hell and you are totally rocking that outfit!

sassy tyra banks GIF


35 thoughts on “Satan’s Panties

  1. Yay for challenging and breaking what society *thinks* you should do! Honestly your post inspired me – I’m short and pear-shaped and I’ve always been told to not wear horizontal stripes on top because it will just engulf me but I wore some stripes the other day and well, I thought I looked okay! Cute even. Who cares what you *should* wear – I’m going to keep reminding myself to wear whatever I like to wear because it makes me happy πŸ™‚

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    • Me too! But I am slowly branching out of my comfort zone. When I do branch out, its not a little bit though lol my body con dress is bright coral lace HAHA! (What can I say? Spring shopping is all about coral for the last 5 years?) My mom has always had lowish self-esteeme and I’ve worked really hard to combat that. She doesn’t get my body-positivity but thats ok


      • Good for you, I always buy cool/bright stuff and then have to work on the confidence to wear it, I find if I’m far away from home it’s better. I can relate, my mum is like yeah wear the funky stuff but my grandma will make a comment about anything, i think she thinks fat people shouldn’t be allowed to buy shorts or show skin in general πŸ™ƒ but times are a changing which is cool!

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  2. Sometimes I think our moms and grandmoms were are biggest critics. Sadly, I think I am a terrible critic to my daughter too, much as I try not to be.
    Go girl.

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