Songs From My Past #2

I’m not sure how often I’m going to do these things but here ya go, peeps! 

My last post on this was from last Tuesday and it was all about Teddy Geiger.

Today, it’s Joss Stone.

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She was all hippyish and cool when she was discovered and I loved her vibe and her voice. Probably part of the reason I got my nose pierced the first time was that she rocked hers so well.

She was discovered by Simon Cowell and I first saw her on the Oprah show – and if it’s on Oprah then it has to be amazing, right? I thought so!

Her song, Super Duper Love, is what started this whole thing. I have it on my playlist right now and, as it says in the song, I’m totally digging on it. It’s from at least 2007 (that’s when it was uploaded to YouTube) and shows her in all her hippy glory.

She did covers of older songs, and I just love the unique sound of her voice. A few of her own songs that I like are Right to be Wrong Jet Lag, and Spoiled.

8 thoughts on “Songs From My Past #2

    • I have no idea! Lol some of the youtube clips were of her singing at some smaller venues and posted in 2015 so I’d guess she’s just doing smaller things? She was linked to Prince Harry for a second a few years back but that didn’t last long. Definitely not now since he’s getting married on Saturday haha

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