Nail Art Sunday: Pink and Blues

Guys, it has been a solid minute and a half since I have posted a nail art post. But have no fear, I am back!! 

The last time I had my nails decked out in gel polish was for Valentine’s Day. I loved the design that you guys helped me choose. Then I had to pack for my move and I was stuck in boxes longer than I was expecting. That meant that I had to take a break from my precious nail art videos. It also meant that my nails have had a nice 3 months of non-gel polish time and have had the chance to grow out a bit.

This week, my inspiration came from this photo:

Ongle rose pâle + gris pailleter

Cute right?! Thanks to the friend who helped me in my moment of “omg there are too many choices” and was liked “that one.” I tried to keep the colours as close as possible. I also decided that, instead of using nail tape or guides, I was going to use regular tape. That’s right! Regular, ordinary Scotch tape.

Let me tell you, it didn’t work.

I think that the gel polish isn’t the best to be trying out all these nail hacks. The stamping and stencils didn’t work either. I think it’s just the composition of the gel polish. I find it too watery for these things to work. I have this idea of doing a gel polish base and then a regular polish stamp or stencil, then gel top coat. I think it might work? But that’s for another day.

Here is the video for this experiment.

In the end, my nails turned out super cute! Although, it took me a little bit after the fact to look past the imperfections and like the nails.


Happy Nail Art Sunday! And Happy Mother’s Day as well! 😀

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